Back to School

The summer holidays are in full swing here in Australia, which means visits to the movies, lazy mornings with sleep-ins (yes!) and a generally relaxed lifestyle for weeks on end.

With a little under three weeks of holidays left, it also means it’s time to start thinking about the kids going back to school and making preparations for this momentous event.  Yes, I love the holidays, but by this stage of the long, long, llooooonnngggg summer holidays, I’m just about ready for those days where admittedly, the routine drives me nuts, but I do get the house to myself for a few hours each weekday.  As an added plus, the kitchen remains in a pristine state and I’m not interrupted with a question every ten minutes.

So we’ve started preparing for school, which means checking out the uniforms and replacing worn-out items, running through the school book checklist, buying new pencil cases and lunchboxes.

And the highlight of it all?  Stationery.  The back to school part of the year is stationery nirvana for me.  The department stores and supermarkets are absolutely full of pens and paper, notebooks and textas, a multitude of wonderful items that I can spend hours drooling over.  And don’t even get me started on gel pens – which are tantamount to my own personal crack addiction.

I have two main addictions in life – chocolate and stationery.  Stationery ranks in the number one spot.  I’ve never met a notebook I didn’t love.  Pens hold a fascination for me.  So much so that I once asked the man who delivered our groceries for the details of his pen, because it wrote so nicely when I signed my name.  There was an advertisement on TV a couple of days ago for a newly-designed pen, which I will absolutely have to buy, because I can’t miss an opportunity to discover some wondrously new and exciting writing device.
Yeah, yeah.  Pathetic, I know.
Consequently, at this time of the year, whilst I have a specific job in mind (the kids school needs – focus!!), the reality is that I’m checking out every shop I visit, looking for that perfect notebook, the most beautiful writing pen, the cutest set of highlighters to be added to my collection.
And do you want to know the craziest thing?  Some of this stuff never gets used.  If I find a beautiful notebook, I can’t bear to write in it.  When I find the perfect writing pen, I won’t use it, in case it runs out and I can’t buy another one.  How sad is that?  
Fortunately for me, the Darling Husband is very understanding of my obsession.  Sometimes, he even humors me by buying some stationery for my birthday, or Christmas.  Given that he knows it probably won’t get used, I think that shows how much he truly loves me.  Or perhaps how supportive he is of my many, many weird and wonderful idiosyncrasies!


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