The New York Pack

The New York Kiss – New York, NY

Lucas’s friends from New York were another small Kiss of four members – Harley Fitzgerald and his partner, Ethan Underwood, their friend Alexander Ellis and his wife, Imogen Sparks. All four were young, in terms of vampires, with Harley being created in 1920 and he was the oldest of the group.

Attractive man standing wearing a black jacketHarley Fitzgerald

The leader of the small Fitzgerald Kiss.

5’8″ tall, pale skin, sky blue eyes with silver streaks.  Born in 1890, created in 1920.  Favors pinstriped suits and loafers.  Has short black hair with a hint of a wave.

He’s in a long term relationship with fellow Kiss member, Ethan Underwood.


Ethan UnderwoodEthan Underwood


5’8″ tall, athletic build, sandy blonde hair.  Ethan was born in 1925 and created in 1952, at the age of twenty seven.  He has pale green eyes with bronze slivers.

Ethan has been Harley Fitzgerald’s lover for more than forty years.

Alexander EllisAlexander Ellis

6’0″ tall with fair skin, red hair and a fine smattering of freckles.  Tends to dress very smartly.  Born in 1895, he was created in 1922.

Alexander is married to his long-time love, Imogen Sparks.


Imogen SparksImogen Sparks

5’5″ tall, almost translucent skin, grey eyes with silver flecks and dark brown hair.

Imogen was twenty two years old and a chorus line dancer when she was created.  She has a vivacious personality and adores her husband, Alexander.


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