When it came to thinking about publishing my novel I was worried about finding an editor who would take the time needed to make my manuscript legible, as well as be approachable and happy to answer any questions I might have. The Pedantic Punctuator covered all this for me, and made the whole experience a breeze. Highly recommended.

M.C. Rayne,

Author of ‘Flavours of Our Life’

MC Rayne

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The best decision I have made since deciding to self-publish my novels, is to use the services of The Pedantic Punctuator. Trusting your work to an editor can feel a bit daunting at first, but this whole experience has been a joy from start to finish. The supportive (and incredibly thorough) advice from Debbie has allowed me to finally publicize my work with confidence and ask for reviews without the fear of having my grammar criticized! The editing has been noticed by my readers too – one five star reviewer wrote: “Though A. Moran-Soley published this book as self-published author, it is clear how much work and effort she invested in its writing, with no spelling or grammar errors… well-made, well-edited, exciting and entertaining”.

Overall, the services of ‘The Pedantic Punctuator’ are fantastic value for money. You, and more importantly your readers, will really notice the difference.

A. Moran-Soley

Author of ‘The Eshla Adventures’

Eshla 1 Eshla 2 Eshla 3

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As a new author, I was thrilled to find The Pedantic Punctuator.  I knew I needed an editor for my book and I am so pleased with the work that Deb did for me.  She corrected grammar and spelling, made suggestions to strengthen scenes and let me know when something was not making sense.  All of these things have helped to make me a better writer.  I highly recommend The Pedantic Punctuator to anyone who is looking for an editor who is easy to work with and helps the author turn out a quality product.

Jennae Vale

Author of ‘The Thistle & Hive’ Series

Thistle 1 Thistle 2 Thistle 3

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The Pedantic Punctuator is the first place I turn when in need of an editor or proofer. Deb is quick and thorough, rendering the entire process painless from the first markup to the very last note.

Lisa Gillis

Author of the ‘D String Set’ and ‘Silver Strings, Series E’

Rising Sun 1 Shit Storm

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My first book, Wolfbaene, was published with a publishing house in the UK. I was charged a substantial amount for their editor to polish my work and was very disappointed with it ~ ending the contract.
When I discovered The Pedantic Publisher could re-release Wolfbaene, edited by the Pedantic Punctuator, I was thrilled! My young adult fantasy is now polished and published!
The Pedantic Punctuator @ The Pedantic Publisher worked tirelessly with me and all suggestions came with encouragement. Picking up plot-holes, punctuation errors, typos and sentence restructuring, Wolfbaene is now something I can really be proud of.
Thank you Pedantic Publisher for helping me share my writing with the world!

Michelle Dennis

Author of Wolfbaene & Infinite Completion

Wolfbaene Infinite Completion

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I have had the pleasure of working with The Pedantic Punctuator twice for the copyediting of my novels. The time and care that she has devoted to my projects continues to amaze me. She possesses a mastery of language and a talent for sentence structure and overall flow. Her spelling/grammar edits and suggestions for plot/flow improvement are always on point while preserving the feel and the voice of the story. I’m incredibly lucky to have discovered her services, and would not have the confidence to release my work to the world without her expertise!

Gina Balogh

Author of Cheater: Love. Addiction. Unbridled Devotion.

(A Sweetwater Vampire Novel 1)


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Finding a good editor is paramount to putting out a great book. Finding one that you click with, that honors your voice is like going after Moby Dick with nothing more powerful than a fork and knife. Honest, supportive, wielding the mighty red pen like a gladiator, the Pedantic Punctuator is now an indispensable part of my writer’s toolbox. Some of the comments she leaves in the edit help me to become a better writer with each draft while others leave me in stitches.
Thanks, P.P. for taking good care of me.

Miranda Nading

Author of Caliban and Echoes of Harmony

Caliban Echoes of Harmony

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It has been my pleasure to work with The Pedantic Punctuator (Deb Williams). Deb was able to clean up my prose without changing my voice, which is the highest praise I can give any editor. She was efficient and easily met the deadlines of each project and she was a joy to work with.  I would definitely recommend her.

Jane Carroll

Author of Becoming Bertha and Where the Joys Are

Bertha Size Your Life Where the Joys Are

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I have used the Pedantic Punctuator for several of my novels. It’s not easy thing handing your book off to someone you know is going to mark it up and recommend changes. That’s why it’s important to choose someone you know you can trust, someone who will point out mistakes while preserving voice, style and that indefinable quality that makes a book uniquely itself. I trust The Pedantic Punctuator to leave my books better than she found them, make excellent suggestions, clean up awkward phrasing and catch those annoying missing words, all for a price the average writer can afford. I highly recommend her, and will continue to use her services for my own books in the future.

Simone Beaudelaire

Author of High Plains Holiday, High Plains Promise, Keeping Katerina, Watching Over the Watcher, When the Heart Heals, When the Words are Spoken, The Naphil’s Kiss

High Plains Holiday High Plains Promise Keeping Katerina The Naphil's Kiss Watching over the Watcher When the Heart Heals When the Words are Spoken

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Debbie has edited four of my novels and I know working with me can be a challenge. She’s patient, smart and a hard worker. I like the input she gives me throughout the edits. She has knowledge and a way with words that make the result outstanding. Great editor.

Jude Ouvrard

Author of Safe With You, Lost Dreams, Body, Ink & Soul and Sweetness, He Said

Body, Ink & Soul Lost Dreams Sweetness He Said

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After writing my last book, I decided I’d like to get it edited.  As a friend I met on Twitter, D.S. Williams came highly recommended.  Deb made the process straightforward and uncomplicated.  Her corrections, notes and suggestions were easy to understand and she immediately picked up on some of my unnecessary quirks.  While reading my story, she also made me aware of an important twist in my plot that I’d meant to include, but had completely forgotten to write in when I began editing.

There’s no doubt in my mind – one of the key reasons that That Unforgettable Kiss earned 3-5★reviews from Readers’ Favorite editorial reviewers was because of D.S. Williams’ editing!

Tamara Ferguson – Multi-award winning, best-selling author.

Tamara Ferguson

Author of That Unforgettable Kiss

That Unforgettable Kiss

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