The Nememiah Universe

Charlotte Duncan moves to the small town of Puckhaber Falls in Montana with the sole intention of ending her life after a tragedy in her past. She meets Lucas Tine  and finds herself drawn to him, despite her desire to remain isolated from other people. Whilst she discovers Lucas is harboring a secret, she surprises him and his Kiss by revealing a major secret of her own.

Charlotte is 20 years old and has seen too much horror in her short life.  Lucas is drawn to the beautiful brunette, who with her dark curls and green eyes is enchanting, although she has little confidence in herself when they first meet.

What neither of them realize, is that Lucas and his Kiss are not the only ones who are fascinated by Charlotte’s special ability and soon they will find themselves facing dangers they could have never predicted.

Portrait of the pretty young woman looking up

Charlotte Duncan

In the following pages you’ll find brief biographies for some of the major players in my books.  Of course, everyone will have their favorites, but I hope you’ll enjoy learning a little about each of them here.  Eventually I will add more  information for other characters who appear in the books, but I hope you will enjoy this beginning to the process.

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