How Long Does It Take?

Wonderful!  You’ve read through the details, and you would like to use the service – I’m delighted you’ve decided to go ahead!

Please advise via email of the dates you would like to book for your editing requirements.  As a general rule, I will do more than two projects concurrently.

As a general rule, the following time periods are required to copy-edit a manuscript, however, this is dependent on the amount of work required. Each manuscript is different and sometimes an edit will need longer than the time period suggested.  You will be kept informed as to how work on your manuscript is progressing:

 30,000 words – 1 Week

50,000 words – 1-2 Weeks

80,000 words – 2-3 Weeks 

100,000 words – 4 Weeks

120,000 words – 4-5 Weeks

Over 120,000 words – Request Quote

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