The Bustani Kiss

The Bustani Kiss – Egypt

‘I’d met Egyptian vampire, Thutmose Bustani just before the wedding, along with his Kiss, which comprised three beautiful young Egyptian women.  Like Lucas and his Kiss, the Bustani group relied on animal blood to survive, and when I’d met them, I’d had an amusing mental picture of them hunting camels in the Egyptian desert, which, needless to say, I hadn’t shared.’

Portrait eines älteren ägyptischen MannesThutmose Bustani

Tall and thin, almost emaciated.  Thutmose has dark hair which is closely cropped, dark brown eyes and bushy, beetle-black eyebrows.

Known as Thut to his friends, he was created during the time of the Pharaohs and is more than 3000 years old.

Thus can create fire in the palm of his hand.  He has mastered creating other vampires without killing.

Thut’s Kiss consists only of himself and three women – Amunet, Nephthys and Tadinanefer.  All three women were created by Thut and they indulge in a sexual relationship when the desire hits them, although Thut also allows the women to take other lovers whenever they desire.


Amunet has dark, wavy hair, a quick smile, a voluptuous figure and a happy personality.

Amunet can see the forms of the dead as a grey mist, but she can’t contact them.  She’s spent her life creating complicated potions of ancient herbs, to help the spirits return to rest.

Amunet had smallpox when she was created and unusually, for a vampire, when she rose, the scars were still visible on her skin, although faded.

Amunet is a powerful telekinetic.

Nephthys (Nellie)Nephthys (Nellie)

The youngest of the Bustani vampires, Nellie was created at the age of sixteen.  She has deep set blue eyes, the color of turquoise.

Her chestnut hair is shoulder length and very straight.

Nellie is tiny, only just five feet tall and her skin is the color of milk chocolate  Nellie is loud and cheerful and giggles a lot, and often drives Thut crazy with her childlike outlook.


Tadinanefer (Jennifer)Tadinanefer (Jennifer)

Jennifer is the tallest of Thut’s three women and both buxom and shapely.  Her dark skin is the color of coffee and she wears heavy kohl to define her rich, dark brown eyes.

Jennifer wears her silky black hair in a multitude of beaded plaits.

Jennifer is a flirt, she is a lover of all men and has taken many lovers in her long life.  She has been ‘friends with benefits’ with Ripley and also had a sexual relationship with Lucas in the past.


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