The O’Flaherty Family

Finnola O'FlahertyFinnola O’Flaherty

Full Name: Finnola Brianne O’Flaherty

Age: 24

Occupation: Self Employed Artist – owns a small business ‘Finn’s Fripperies’ selling         unique, one of a kind sculptures of fairy tale creatures such as elves, pixies and gnomes.

Height: 5’6″

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Blue

BryanBryan O’Flaherty

Full Name: Bryan Christopher O’Flaherty

Age: 34

Occupation:Police Detective – Undercover Vice


Hair: Red

Eyes: Sky Blue

Bryan was murdered by the Chicago Heart Ripper when he was trying to rescue Finn. He discovered something no-one else knew about the killers identity, and located the cave where Finn was being held.  He was killed by the Ripper, and after his death, suspicion falls on Bryan as being the Ripper, with the police suggesting he chose to kill himself, after taking his sister as his final victim.  Neither Finn nor Ash believe this suggestion and a few weeks later, the police are shocked when the Ripper takes another victim, exonerating Bryan from guilt.

Johanna O'FlahertyJohanna O’Flaherty

Finnola and Bryan’s mother, she’s fifty eight years old and suffers from Early Onset Alzheimer’s.

Johanna is unaware of Bryan’s death, with her Doctor insisting it’s too dangerous to tell her about his murder, fearful of a setback in her condition.  Finn lies to her mother, making up stories about how Bryan is doing.

Johanna lives in a nursing home, she organized to sell her home and move into the home when her condition was diagnosed.  When she’s lucid, she helps with the other patients.  Her favorite nurse at the hospital is Elliott, an African American man who cares for her.

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