About The Pedantic Punctuator


The Pedantic Punctuator is taking on LIMITED clients due to current writing and editing commitments for 2018.

I’ve been in a long-term love affair with reading and writing since the age of five.  When friends came knocking on the door, asking if I wanted to come out and play, they would be dismissed by a determined little girl who wanted to continue writing rather than wasting time playing.  Things haven’t changed too much in the ensuing forty-odd years, and I would still prefer to be reading and writing, rather than dealing with the outside world.

Hermit tendencies aside, I’ve continued to write voraciously throughout my lifetime, although the confidence to self-publish has been a recent development.  The first book in my series, ‘The Nememiah Chronicles’ was released in December 2012 and since then, five more books have been published via my publishing house, Creativia.

I’m a voracious reader, and until I took up editing, I averaged four to five books per week.  I still do a lot of reading, but much of my time is taken up editing  for my publisher, and a small group of select clients.

My tastes in genre are far-reaching and I’ll read virtually anything.  While I’ve read my share of well-known author’s works, a large proportion of my reading selections are from Indie Authors.  I think it’s fair to say, I’ve read my fair share of poorly edited books and been disappointed to find an otherwise brilliant story marred by spelling errors and a lack of good editing.

As a member of the local writer’s group, I have experience in editing and critiquing.  I have an excellent grasp of the English language with all its intricacies and my goal is to provide a reasonably priced, excellent editing service for fellow independent authors.  Past experience has shown how expensive editing can be, costs are often too prohibitive for independent authors to consider paying – in some cases I’ve seen prices as high as $2500 for an average length novel.


One thought on “About The Pedantic Punctuator

  1. Dear Ms. Williams,
    My name is Ron Briggs and I am contacting you through a recommendation by Julie Northup. Julie has been working with me on my first novel (a trilogy actually). Circumstances are causing her to back away from finishing my project. She tells me you are her first choice. The total pages for all three manuscripts is well over 1200 pages. The genre is pre-Columbian North America and involves several tribes, as well as the Norse.
    This project is my first novel and confess I am rather naïve in the production of a book, despite my advanced age (68). I do believe in my story, as does Julie Northup. W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear also endorse my story.
    If you would be interested in taking on this project, please contact me at the email address listed below.

    Thank you,
    Ron Briggs


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