This is the first book, in my entire life, which had its ‘official’ title before I began writing the book.  A most unusual situation, because generally I’ve written the book and then I’m tossing around about fifteen ideas for a title.  And no, ‘Tokens’ isn’t the full title, but I’m not sharing until it’s ready for publishing.

Tokens came to being with my love for small town America, and the people who live in those small towns.  Given that I’ve never visited a small town in America, (in fact, other than a lightning fast 7 day visit, I haven’t visited America), it means as with all my books, there’s a lot of research to be done.

Tokens is still rattling around in my head, and I currently have just under eighteen thousand words written.

The story revolves around Cady Caldwell, who arrives in Garrison, Montana after a brutal beating by her husband, Jameson Le Batelier.  Jameson is on the run, and Cady comes to Garrison to stay with the grandmother she has never met.

Meredith Caldwell, Cady’s grandmother hadn’t heard from her son in many, many years, after his descent into drug addiction.  She’s shocked to hear of his death, and even more shocked to discover that he’d fathered three daughters before he died. She had met her other two granddaughters, but Cady, until now, had refused to meet Meredith (and yes, she does have her reasons)

Cady is such a fun character to write – she is quirky, with a unique personality and a particularly unique way of dressing.  She’s obsessed with the 1940’s and 1950’s and dresses from that era, regardless of the trouble it causes her when other people think she’s strange.  Cady has been responsible for her two younger sisters from a very young age, and now, at 28, she is mature beyond her years.

Cady Caldwell

Garrison, Montana is a fictional small town, about three hours away from Billings.

Main Street, Garrison in Winter


Some more inspiration from ‘Garrison’:

The Gift Store, Main Street, Garrison
The Gift Store, Main Street, Garrison
Gazebo, Garrison Park
Gazebo, Garrison Park
Garrison Lake, Montana
Garrison Lake, Montana

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