Leah Dempster Book Reviews

And  I can already hear you asking the question: Why does D.S. William’s alter ego have her own book review page?victorian-erotica

Good question.  And I have an excellent answer.

Just as D.S. Williams writes a variety of genres, and Leah Dempster specializes in raunchy, erotic romance with plenty of heat and heart, I’m a lover of books in all sorts of genres.

Consequently, the books reviewed under Leah’s name will bth4ulv4opz8a1bf001b46c2e679ab18b32d13f3f48e  a little bit naughtier, a little more erotic, perhaps include LGBTIQ elements, and generally be a rollicking good read but not necessarily everyone’s cup  of tea.

Hence why they are separated from more ‘mainstream’ book reviews over on D.S.’s book review page.

I can assure you, however, that these books are wonderful reads, filled with characters that you can love and storylines you can enjoy. Just be warned, that the subject matter might not be something you’re interested in.  If that’s the case, please be forewarned and avoid reading the reviews on the following pages 🙂