Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?  Here are some answers.

How does the service work?

Once you’ve decided to use the services of The Pedantic Punctuator, you will email me your manuscript as a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file.

I will Copy Edit your file, using Microsoft Word features to track changes made to the original work.  Comment balloons in the margins will point out suggested changes to your manuscript to improve overall flow and highlight consistency errors.

Upon completion, your edited file will be emailed back to you ready for perusal.

How long will it take?

The answer to this question very much depends on the word count of your manuscript.  As a general rule, a short story or novella will take up to two weeks. Dependent on length a novel would take between 2-6 weeks to complete, but allow a little extra time in case of unforseen editing issues which may be discovered as the work progresses.

When you request my services, I will be able to give you an estimated time for your Copy Editing to be completed and provide a suggested date by which your manuscript will be returned to you.

However, please keep in mind that copy editing is different in every situation – and allow for a little extra time when planning your publishing schedule.

What payments do you accept?

Payments for my services can be made via Paypal.

When you have agreed to using The Pedantic Punctuater to Copy Edit your work, you will receive an invoice for the total cost, along with payment instructions.

Why are you much cheaper than other editing services?

There are a couple of reasons for the lower rate of expense.

1.  I’m running a business from home.  My overheads are minimal.

2.  As mentioned on my ‘About Me’ page, I’m a voracious reader.  I enjoy reading and editing and I’m happy to do it at a lower cost than some other companies charge.  I’ve been fortunate to receive a great deal of help from other independent authors and this is a way I can help others.

3.  I found the costs involved in having a book professionally edited to be prohibitive to the independent author.  I believe there is a niche market available, where I can provide quality editing services at a lower price to the author.

How do I know you’ll do a professional job?

The short answer is you don’t.

What I can tell you is I take my work very seriously.  I will treat your manuscript and your words with respect, doing my best to provide you with the best Copy Editing service I can provide.  

If you have any doubts, I would recommend using the Sample Edit option, where I will Copy Edit a 3000 word sample of your work. This option will provide you with an example of my work and ensure you are completely satisfied before you employ my services for your complete manuscript.

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