Salacious inspirationSalacious

Sally Montague’s BDSM club, Salacious is located at the northern end of the city of Seattle, in an old warehouse which had been converted into what was possibly the most discreet club in Seattle.  Known to the police, it is the one club in the city which never causes any headaches for Seattle’s finest.  Sally ensures her club sticks to the rules with military precision and never causes an ounce of trouble.

The street Salacious is situated on had once been part of a large Seattle industrial area, long ago deserted by enterprise.

When Sally brought the warehouse her club was situated in, she proceeded to purchase the land around the warehouse, affording Salacious a sizeable amount of privacy for its patrons.

In the years since Sally set up the club, the area surrounding it had been modernised with new apartments, up-market condominiums, and popular restaurants – but Salacious has remained.  A small bronze sign displaying the name of the club hung on the red brick wall facing the street, illuminated by a lone spotlight.

Salacious is well known in BDSM circles through the United States as one of the most discreet clubs in the country, and consequently, one of the most popular.

Donetti's InspirationDonetti’s

Matt takes Emily to Donetti’s for dinner after he convinces her to give him a second chance.

Opened some forty years ago by Nico Donetti, the place was still managed by Nico, his wife Lucy and a hodgepodge of sons, daughters and grandchildren.  In Matt’s humble opinion, they served the best Italian food in Seattle and it was a favorite with him and his kids.  The server had them settled into a cozy private booth within seconds of their arrival and took their drink orders.