J.M. Northup & Simone Beaudelaire – Biography

J.M. NorthupJ.M. Northup

J.M. Northup is an American author with the independent publisher, CREATIVIA.
She writes in several genres though most of her work crosses multiple genres.
Young Adult series: The Fears of Dakota and the Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch series.
New Adult / psychological thriller: A PRISONER WITHIN.
Novella of poetry: SOUL SEARCHING, which also includes the erotic short story, EMERGENCE.
Middle Grade / Children’s Book: FELINE FASCINATIONS: The Adventures of Boris and Olga.
Erotic Military Romance: The Wounded Warriors, which was written with her co-author Simone Beaudelaire!
J.M. Northup is continuing to develop and research future projects.
Julie is a native Minnesotan who proudly served in the United States Air Force. She’s happily married to her best friend, Dusty and together, they have 2 beautiful daughters!

Simone BeaudelaireSimone Beaudelaire

Simone Beaudelaire is the pseudonym for a single mom and graduate student from Texas.
In her spare time, Mme Beaudelaire reads romances as fast as she can get her hands on them, and when she isn’t reading them, she’s writing them!