The Ninth Hunter

The Ninth Hunter.jpgThe Ninth Hunter

These weren’t ghosts of the dead with unfinished business. They were something far more sinister.

Daniel Barrow is a ghost hunter bound to a life of misery; protecting the world from ghosts by killing their human hosts. He knows the rules: mark the targets, plot the crime scenes, and then murder those beyond saving. Daniel’s safe in his rituals—until he meets Faye Michaels.

Faye isn’t his average target and her ghosts threaten to destroy everything he has worked for. When his ritual goes wrong, Daniel must create an uneasy alliance with the woman he intended to kill. But the deeper they dig, the closer they get to a dangerous secret that will change their lives forever.

Daniel must make a choice: fulfil his duty, or turn his back on those he has come to trust. Can the truth lead him to salvation?

D.S. Williams Review:

I’ve read some of Anna Hub’s ‘The Shadows Series’ and found that she has a truly unique writing voice, and creates new worlds and situations which I haven’t come across in other authors.
The same can be said of The Ninth Hunter, which proved to be another unique tale, and one which I thoroughly enjoyed reading and would highly recommend.
Ms. Hub has taken a Ghost Hunter, Daniel Barrow and achieved something which is very difficult to do. She has made a cold-hearted murderer – for whom killing people is a way of life and a task which he has been trained to do with no regard for the humans he’s killing – and made him a sympathetic character. This is no easy task, and whilst initially, Daniel Barrow seems cold in both heart and actions, almost from the very beginning Ms. Hub provides him with small sparks of humanity, which make the reader believe that perhaps he’s redeemable and there is much more to this man than initially appears.
Things really begin to get interesting when one of his targets, Faye, becomes the only person who can help him untangle the twisted web of his life – and the interaction between these two characters is done both sympathetically and believably. Ms. Hub shows us how Faye becomes involved and makes it seem like a natural, and required progression that these two people work with one another towards a common goal. The fact that Faye fears and distrusts Daniel is dealt with in a realistic manner and if you are searching for a unique, interesting read, you won’t be disappointed by ‘The Ninth Hunter’.

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