Ocean’s Triumpth – Ocean’s Gift – Turbulence and Triumph Series Book 3

Ocean's triumphOcean’s Triumph

Maria thought stowing away on a ship to follow the man she loves was a great idea – but sleeping in the cargo hold and fighting rats for food isn’t at all what she bargained for, and that’s before she reaches her destination: the desolate colonial outpost of Christmas Island.

Now the man who was once her world won’t even look at her. Perhaps she’d be better off swimming hundreds of miles home.

It’s time to lay the ghosts of their past to rest…or are some ghosts not dead at all?

D.S. William’s Review

Reading the third novella in the Turbulence and Triumph Series by Demelza Carlton was a very enjoyable read and once again, Ms Carlton has created an entertaining storyline which kept me engrossed from beginning to end. In Ocean’s Triumph, we follow Maria’s determined endeavors to be reunited with William – who is under the misapprehension that when he sees Maria, he’s actually being haunted by her ghost.
Maria stows away on the ship taking William to Christmas Island, and it’s entertaining to read about her efforts at staying hidden on the ship during the voyage and her frustrations as she struggles with William’s disbelieving reactions to her appearances.
My only complaint with this third instalment of Ms Carlton’s series was the abrupt ending – I felt a little disappointed with the ending and would have liked to see a little bit more shared about William and Maria beginning their lives together. This wasn’t enough to reduce my overall opinion of the story however and I would highly recommend this series to other readers.
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