What I’m Working On

It’s always a bunfight with regards to what my current WIP might be.  The characters in my head seem to take great delight in talking to me… while I’m trying to write something else.  And when I switch to that something else… the characters go silent and someone else arcs up.

For me, writing is quite the process – as I tackle each book with a huge amount of self-doubt and the feeling that my writing isn’t worthy of being put onto a page.  A common problem for a lot of writers (we’re an insecure lot at heart.)


I tend to write and edit, write and edit, write and edit – so it’s an extremely slow process but I hate to find myself developing a plot hole, or a characterization issue without addressing it as I go along – the thought of reaching the end and dealing with a massive problem is unbearable, so I tend to write slowly and cautiously.  It means I don’t get a lot of books out there, but I like to think the ones I do write are well thought out and create a story that makes sense, is realistic and ties up all those annoying little loose ends nicely.  (Unless of course, it’s part of Nememiah, in which case, there’s a hulking great cliffhanger at the end of each book…)


But I digress.  I’ll add a few pages here, to let you know what I’m up to, where the inspiration is coming from, and a rough idea of what the story is about. (Nine times out of ten, I don’t have a clue what the story is about… I just wait for the characters to let me know where we’re headed.)

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