Cold Run

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It is amazing how quickly a phone call can interrupt your life, even when you’re a werewolf. Rick Keller hangs up from the unwanted call, but the shadowy organization he once belonged to doesn’t take such an answer lightly. Waking up collared and caged by MONIKER is a quick way to learn retirement isn’t always permanent. Death will be if he doesn’t accept their assignment.

Keller and his new team follow a group of human traffickers on a thin trail across the globe. Their only hope is in a man who hasn’t had much practice being a werewolf in a really long time, a sadistic agent who loves making dog jokes, and a beautiful operative who is better with guns than relationships.
If being forced back into service wasn’t bad enough, he quickly discovers they have many new experiments to try out on their pet wolf. Even worse, MONIKER now isn’t the only one who knows his secret.

Hopefully an old dog can learn some new tricks, especially if he wants to stay alive.

Recommended for mature audiences 18+

D.S. Williams Review:

This is the second book I’ve read by Ms. Brune, and it certainly won’t be the last.
Cold Run is an exciting adventure from start to finish, and Ms. Brune displays her brilliant ability to tell a fast-paced, action packed story with humor, direct language and wonderful descriptions.

The story races from one country to the next, and the pace never lets up as the characters work to break a human trafficking ring. But there are any number of surprises as you work your way through this book, and the main character, Jake Keller is both flawed, humorous and vastly entertaining to read about. Personally, I’d love to see further stories involving Jake Keller, because he was sarcastic, jaded and yet, intrinsically appealing as a flawed character who was really being given a raw deal all around.

The secondary characters were also well written and enjoyable, with some being very easy to like, and others being particularly easy to loathe. Speaking of ‘loathe’, I found myself loathe to put it down until I got to the end, and definitely would define it as a ‘page turner’.

Highly recommended for those who love thrillers, werewolves, military/weaponry, secretive operatives and a rollicking adventure. Beautifully written, edited really well and it will definitely stay on my Kindle to be enjoyed again in the future.

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