Pricing Schedule

Sample Edit


Send a 3000 word sample of your work and I will complete a full Copy Edit for your perusal.

This option is provided for new customers, allowing you the opportunity to ensure you will be satisfied with my services.

If you decide to go ahead with the Copy Editing service of your complete manuscript, the AUD$20.00 fee will be deducted from your final cost.

Spelling, Punctuation & Missing Word Edit

AUD$130.00 (Up to 100,000 words)

This service is useful if you’re happy with your manuscript, but would like a second pair of eyes to read through the document.  I will check for spelling errors, amend any punctuation errors and highlight any sentences where words are missing.

Copy Editing

AUD$0.004 per word

The Copy Editing service focuses on grammar, spelling and punctuation.  I will also be checking for the correct usage of words (i.e. ‘where’ vs ‘were’) and character and description consistency, ensuring a character doesn’t begin with blue eyes and end up with green.

I will also be considering flow of the text, whether the story reads well and looking for pacing problems within your manuscript.

You will be advised of any issues found with the repetition of words, tense problems and formatting issues.

All suggested changes are made to your manuscript using the Microsoft Office feature ‘Track Changes’ and ‘Comment Balloons’ will be used to clearly explain any suggested alterations.

Sample Pricing: 30,000 words – AUD$120.00

                                60,000 words – AUD$240.00

                                90,000 words – AUD$360.00

                              120,000 words – AUD$480.00


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