The World of Protective Hearts

Protective Hearts is set in two fictional places in the United States.

Lake Bluff, Illinois

Situated on the outskirts of Chicago, Lake Bluff is where Caleb’s werewolf pack (and family) live and it’s where a great many scenes in the story are portrayed.

Based on a number of towns around the Chicago region, Lake Bluff is somewhere I’d personally like to live.  Lots of beautiful trees, a pretty little town and a lake which provides a scenic backdrop to a great deal of what happens in Protective Hearts.

Lake Bluff Inspiration - Lake Naomi

Cape Washington, Massachusetts

By far, the most action-packed location in Protective Hearts, Cape Washington is an isolated area, in which Ash thinks he has a better than even chance of keeping Finn safe while he and his fellow members of the Chicago Police Department work the case and try to apprehend the Chicago Heart Ripper.

Wild, scenic and rugged, Ash’s grandparents have left him a home on the cliff edge, overlooking the ocean.  Whilst Finn is fearful for her life, and coming to terms with what has happened to her, she develops a love for the area in which she finds herself, while the urgent search for the Ripper continues in Chicago.

Cape Washington Inspiration - Acadia National Park

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