Maid for the Rock Star (Romance Island Resort Book 1)

Maid for the Rock Star (RI 1)Maid for the Rock Star

A maid at the exclusive Romance Island Resort, Audra knows how to handle rock stars, billionaires and celebrities. She keeps their secrets, cleans up their mess and makes sure their holiday is a memorable one. There’s just one rule: no relationships with guests. And Audra never breaks the rules.
Jay Felix is rock royalty and he knows it. When one of his bandmates threatens to break up the band, he goes into hiding at the Romance Island Resort. Looking for a distraction, he sets his sights on the unattainable Audra. But what’s a rock star to do when the girl he wants is the one woman he can’t have?
Welcome to paradise, where the romance is as hot as the weather and the tides aren’t all that’s surging beneath the surface.

D.S. Williams  Review:

This was a tricky one for me to review, because I have to be perfectly honest. I loathe the main male character, Jay Felix. Abhor him. Thought he was one of the most irritating men I’d ever had the misfortune to come across.
And yet… I’ve given the book four stars. I can hear the questions from readers now. ‘If the male lead sucks, why give it four stars?’
Simply, because its a good story. And its the first in a new series from Ms. Carlton. And there were brief, BRIEF glimmers of Jay Felix possibly redeeming himself at some point. At least, that’s what I’m going to be hoping for as I continue reading the other books in the series.
Jay Felix aside, this is a good read. The characters are, as I’ve found with others of Ms. Carlton’s books, well fleshed out and entertaining. Ms. Carlton has a distinctive way of taking Australian characters and settings and giving them her own, very unique spin. Her writing is excellent, the pacing and tempo keep the reader engaged, and Ms. Carlton creates some truly entertaining situations in which to place her characters. And honestly – in many ways it’s a good thing that I loathe Jay Felix. The author has created a character who is horrible, an ass of the highest level and makes me grind my teeth in frustration at the way he behaves.
In other words, she has created an emotional reaction to the character and she has engaged this particular reader enough that I want to know what happens to Jay Felix and the other characters in these stories. And I have to admit, that in the last few chapters, I did see the tiniest little glimmer of hope for the redemption of Jay Felix.
All I have to hope now, is that he pulls his head out of his bum and begins to act in a more appropriate manner. And because of that, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m going to read the other books in the series.

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