The World of Contrasting Lives

While all my books hold a special place in my heart, Contrasting Lives, written as Leah Dempster is extra special.

I love these characters.  Just flat out love them. The Pendleton family are among my favorite characters that I’ve ever written, and I’m hoping that someday, I’ll find a way of seeing them pop up in another book.  It’s a possibility, as I’ve begun to work on a new Leah Dempster book and while it is set in Montana, some of the characters have a ‘link’ with a certain BDSM club in Seattle. So you never know.

In these pages, I’ll be sharing information about the characters and places in Contrasting Lives.

Creating characters is a process, it usually begins with a voice inside my head, and generally that voice is nagging me to death for some attention.  The voice has an idea (generally half-baked and unformed) and continues to nag endlessly, until they  pour out of my head, down through my fingertips, through the keyboard and into my laptop.

This is the process which began Contrasting Lives.   It began with the smallest snippet of an idea, and a woman named Emily.  And the story grew from there.

As always with my writing, whether as Leah Dempster or my alter ego – I tend to set my stories in the United States, rather than my home country of Australia.

In this case, the story is situated in Seattle, Washington.