The Drâghici Council

Consiliului Suprem de Drâghici Vampiri,

Sfantu Drâghici, Romania

Odin AdobeStock_98584714.jpegOdin

Odin takes his name from the Norse God Odin, “God of all men, Father of all Gods”. He is the leader of the Drâghici Kiss and head of the Consiluilui.

Odin is 5’6″ tall, slender and almost effeminate.  His sallow skin is pockmarked and he has dark brown hair and a Van Dyke goatee and mustache.

Softly spoken, he has a slight German accent.

He was born in the Year 802, during the reign of Charlemagne in Francia, in an area which would come to be part of Germany in modern times.

Born to peasants, he now craves wealth and power, and will do anything to create more and increase his power base.

He has the ability to create massive levels of fear and terror in others, using a form of mind control.

Bellona AdobeStock_55560591.jpegBellona

Named after the Roman Goddess of War, Bellona is 5’1″ tall with black hair, which falls to her knees.  She wears her hair in elaborate, plaited styles. Her body is slender and child-like and she is dark-skinned.

The oldest vampire on the Consiliului, Bellona was created during the New Kingdom Period (1550-1069BC).  She doesn’t know when she was born, and remembers little of her pre-vampire life.

Bellona is a brilliant military strategist and plans all the Consiliului’s military campaigns.

She has the ability to levitate and can fly, one of the few vampires old enough to do so.

Arawn AdobeStock_21542771.jpegArawn

Named after the Welsh God of the Underworld, Terror, Revenge and War.

6’2″ tall, muscular and heavily built.  Arawn has blond curls and icy blue eyes.  He is a sadist who loves to cause pain in others and has taken it upon himself to teach Archangelo torture techniques.

Arawn is in charge of security at the Drâghici stronghold in Sfantu Drâghici.

Hyperion AdobeStock_85994842.jpegHyperion

Hyperion is named after the Greek Titan of light and early Sun God.

Hyperion has pale skin and is 6’0″ tall with pale green eyes and short, curly brown hair.  He has a long face and large build.

He dresses as an Ancient Greek would, wearing sleeveless tunics which are drawn in at the waist with a belt.  The tunic is known as a ‘Chiton’ and is worn to knee length with leather sandals.

He tells Charlotte he is older than she could possibly imagine.  He is notable as being the first sun-walker amongst the vampires.  Through his line, vampires were freed of the need to avoid sunlight.

He can create and throw fireballs.

Qadesh - AdobeStock_49602908.jpegQadesh

Qadesh is named after the Egyptian Goddess of Love and Sexuality.

Qadesh is 4’10” tall, with hazel eyes and a curvaceous figure.  She dresses provocatively, her voice is seductive and husky.

Her hair is blond,  to the point of being icy white and dead straight.

Qadesh’s power is to create lust and craving in others, driving them to the edge of madness.  She has used her power in the past on both Holden and Hiram Striker and she was responsible for creating them.  She kept both of them within the Kiss she used to lead, until they were able to wrench themselves from her ability to create overwhelming lust and fight her power against them.

Qadesh’s abilities were used when the Tine Kiss were captured, she used her skills to sexually assault both men and women of the group.

Enlil - AdobeStock_44744406.jpegEnlil

Named after the Sumerian Lord of Wind, God of Air and Storms.

Incredibly attractive, Enlil has the body of an athlete and prefers modern, expensive clothing.

He charms people, especially women, but he is bisexual and very aware of his attractiveness.  He has an accent and loathes speaking English, preferring his native Greek.

The youngest member of the Consiliului, he can create small storms and mini tornadoes, which can be used to attack and maim his enemies.

Bendis - AdobeStock_101925616.jpegBendis

Named after the Romanian Goddess of Moon, Forest and Magical Charms.

Bendis is 5’8″ tall, with a full, voluptuous figure and her face is highlighted by prominent cheekbones and dark, almost black eyes.  She wears her long black hair in plaits.

Known for her perfect hunting abilities, Bendis is able to change her form, making herself appear as a large, black leopard.  She is the only vampire able to transform herself in this way.

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