The Rock Star’s Virginity (Romance Island Resort Book 3)

The Rock Star's VirginityThe Rock Star’s Virginity

Six weeks away from marrying her high-school sweetheart, Flavia’s life seemed perfect…right up until her fiancé cheated on her. In the spirit of revenge, she auctions her virginity to the highest bidder. One night and the rules are simple: no names, no kissing and definitely no romance.

Until Flavia arrives at Romance Island Resort, and meets the rock star who makes her want to break all the rules.

He’s already won her virginity, but will he win her heart as well?

D.S. Williams Review:

Okay, here’s the thing. I still have moments when I’d like to grab Jay Felix by the scruff of the neck and drown him.
Despite this desire (which ebbs and flows depending on what Ms. Carlton has Jay doing in this latest installment of Romance Island Resort) – this was a first class addition to the Romance Island Resort Series and there are signs, believe it or not, of some real personal growth in the character of Jay Felix, Rock Star.
He’s still an ass. He still has an ego which is bigger than the island on which he lives, and he is still an impulsive cretin at times. But he’s learning (through the unlikely source of numerous fictional romances) how to behave around women and (gasp!) I think he might finally be maturing.
As always, Ms. Carlton weaves a sumptuous and enjoyable tale around the fictional Romance Island Resort and the town of Broome. Her story is fun, entertaining and she can build up a picture of both her characters and their surroundings which make it easy to transport yourself to the island with Jay, Xan, Shou and the rest of the gang as they live and work in paradise. A paradise that comes with frogs.
Yes, Jay Felix is difficult to like. But the story more than makes up for his behaviour, and in all honesty, I would imagine that Jay Felix is MUCH closer to resembling some of the famous musicians from around the world than many of the other fictional rock star heroes we read about in books.
Does that make him likeable? No. But it certainly makes for an entertaining read and one I highly recommend.
**And I hear some of you questioning what happened to Phuong, the email order bride from Book 2 – that’s an excellent question, and one that Ms. Carlton deals with using a twist I’d NEVER seen coming 🙂

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