Salacious Characters

Sally Montague:

The owner of BDSM club Salacious, Sally Montague is a protective mother hen, caring for all her employees.  She runs a small escort business alongside her club, and employs Emily when Paul Mecelli asks her to look after the young woman after she escaped from a brutal Dom.

Fifty years old, Sally has been involved in the BDSM scene for most of her life, having embraced the lifestyle as a naive sixteen year old.

Bud Spencer:

Bud has worked at Salacious for a number of years, mainly doing bodyguard duties, but also working as a Room Monitor and sometimes behind the bar.  He is a former alcoholic and ex-addict who has seen some tough times in his life, and he considers Salacious to be his home.

He is extremely close to Emily, took it upon himself to provide her with protection and looks upon her as a baby sister.  He’d seen the terror in her eyes when she first came to Salacious and is determined to keep her safe.

The man was tall and muscular, solidly built and wearing black jeans and a t-shirt with ‘Salacious’ printed in bold red lettering across the tightly stretched material.


One of the room monitors at Salacious, he’s a large man with bulging biceps and long dark hair pulled into a sleek ponytail.