The Journey Collection

The Journey CollectionThe Journey Collection

The Journey Home

The Sharks’ star quarterback, Travis McCoy has it all, until an injury ends his season early. When he receives an invitation to attend the big homecoming game from his alma mater, Travis decides it’s time to face his past. The journey home sends Travis down a path that he never expects. Will he be able to come to grips when everything around him is spiraling out of control?

The Journey of Champions

Travis McCoy thought the journey home would be the hardest choice he ever had to make. It isn’t until he finds himself walking out the door and leaving his family behind that he realizes his journey is only just beginning. Now, with only a handful of weeks until Christmas, Travis tries to find his way back home. This time, he plans on staying forever.

The Journey to Forever

Finally back in the warm embrace of his family, Travis McCoy relishes every moment he gets to spend with his wife and son. After almost losing them due to his own selfishness, he makes the decision to never let go of his family again. With his plan set in motion, Travis, Penelope, and Max start a new journey, one that leads them to forever.

The Journey to a New Life

Travis McCoy’s journey has led him down a road of changes where he found the love of his life and their child. Travis, Penelope, and Max have struggled during their time apart, found their way back home, and finally tied their lives together as a family. Now, Penelope and Travis find themselves on a new journey, one that leads them to the greatest gift of all.

D.S. Williams Review:

This is the first time I have read any of Ms. Bilbrey’s work, and it certainly won’t be the last. The Journey Collection is one of Ms. Bilbrey’s earlier works from what I can ascertain, and while there is a certain naivete to the writing, something I often see in debut authors, she proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with and I sincerely look forward to reading her more recent works.
The Journey Collection brings together four novellas, following the life of Travis McCoy. A professional footballer, Travis’s entire plan for his future is changed due to a career-changing injury and Ms. Bilbrey follows the twists and turns of Travis’s life as he returns home, to a town he left ten years ago, determined to never return.
Ms. Bilbrey captures the subtle nuances of relationships, the trials and tribulations we face as we mature and the need to sometimes go back to our past, to resolve issues we left behind. She has created a group of characters who are both likable, and have faults and dimensions, always important to creating good character growth.
While the story revolves around a sportsman and the winding up of his career, I didn’t find myself overwhelmed with the ‘sports talk’, and I did thoroughly enjoy the growing rapport between Travis and his father as they overcome their past to build a fledgling relationship with one another.
The writing is well-done, the editing of a very good standard, although I did note a couple of small typos, they didn’t affect my enjoyment of the story.
Overall, I’d suggest these would make an excellent little group of books to read on a rainy Sunday afternoon, curled up before the fire with a nice glass of wine. A recommended read, and an author to look out for. I’m thoroughly looking forward to Ms. Bilbrey’s most recent offerings, the Awakening Series, which I intend to read very soon!

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