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Sneaky Preview Day

I’m nearing the end of my current Work-in-Progress, and I thought now might be a good time to share a sneak peak of what’s coming. This novel is written under my pseudonym, Leah Dempster, so it’s a little bit racier than my D.S. Williams novels. Keep in mind that this is the first draft – there’s likely to be lots of changes before publishing 😉


“There’s a new girl in town.”

Jeb McMasters looked up from his laptop, eyeing his brother suspiciously.  “Now, why the hell would that be interesting to me?” he growled.

Grey’s blue eyes twinkled with mischief as he regarded his oh-so-serious older brother.  He had a feeling this news would be enough to shake up Jeb’s ordered and safe little world, a world he’d isolated himself in for nearly six months, ever since he returned from rehab.  Battered and broken, Jeb had closed in on himself, a situation exacerbated when his fiancée broke off their engagement, just weeks after his return.  Hell, he hadn’t even been transferred from the hospital to the rehab facility before Crystal stuck the knife in, announcing she wouldn’t marry a cripple.

Grey’s blood still boiled whenever he thought about how badly she’d hurt Jeb. He’d put on a brave front, a tough exterior for the outside world, but Grey knew he was hurting.

“You gonna tell me why you interrupted me?  I’ve got to get back to work,” Jeb announced.  He made a show of ignoring his brother, turning his attention back to the computer screen.

Grey strolled further into the room, his gaze flicking over the neat desk, the paperwork lined up with strategic precision.  He looked down at his older brother, ignoring the chilly stare from eyes as blue as his own.  He wanted to be close enough to enjoy the reaction his news was about to create.  “Mikayla Odell is back in Rock Ridge Hollow.  Word is, she’s here to stay.”

Grey had the satisfaction of seeing the color drain from Jeb’s face.

Chapter One:

Jeb was sitting out on the porch, drinking a beer and watching the night sky.  Usually, he found some sense of peace in these quiet hours of the early evening.  Cicadas chirruped their evening song, and the horses could be heard out in the pasture, whinnying softly to one another as they made their way from one tasty patch of grass to the next.

Tonight, Jeb was finding peace elusive.

Mikayla Odell.  Hell.  He hadn’t heard that name in… what?  It must be ten years.  She was the last woman he and—

Jeb lifted the beer to his lips, taking a long swig and mentally shaking himself.  No point dredging up the past.  It was all water under the bridge now.  Mikayla was part of his history – ancient history.  He’d lived a lifetime since, his choices bringing him to this point.  Unwillingly, his gaze was drawn to his denim-clad legs.  He preferred this time of the day, when his useless legs were gradually hidden by the darkening shadows.  For what must have been the thousandth time since his return from Kabul eight months ago, he focused on his thighs… his calves… his ankles… his toes.  Desperate to feel something – anything, which might suggest he would regain the use of his legs.

Nothing.  There was nothing.  Not a twinge, not a spasm – nothing that resembled what the doctors had said would happen if he was going to get sensation back.  The memory of Crystal breaking up with him, the way she’d avoided his gaze – even now, after seven long months it cut him to the core.

“Need another beer?”  Grey pushed open the screen door, two longnecks dangling between his fingers.

Jeb nodded, draining the last of his beer and placing the empty bottle down beside the wheelchair.

Grey handed him a beer before he leaned up against the porch.  They both sipped their drinks, Jeb focused on the blaze of stars appearing across the horizon, Grey watching the flickering television screen visible through the living room window.

“Anything in particular need doing tomorrow?” Grey questioned.

“We need to get ahold of Newt Thornton, have a chat about borrowing his stallion.  Those mares will be ready in another couple of weeks, and you know what Newt’s like about negotiating deals.”

Grey grinned and nodded.  “I’m guessing you’re going to handle that phone call?”

Jeb nodded, slugging back a mouthful of beer.  “About the only useful thing I can do nowadays.”  He tried, and failed, to hide the bitterness in his tone.

Grey straightened up, placing his bottle on the railing.  “Y’know, I’ve still got the details for those saddles and the—”

Jeb shook his head.  “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Grey inhaled sharply, letting the air whoosh out slowly between his lips.  “Jeb, don’t you think it’s time to start whittling away at that chip on your shoulder?”

Jeb remained stubbornly silent.  Yeah, he was struggling with what he’d lost, but hell, who wouldn’t?  He’d had all the therapy he could stomach, lost hope of living his life like a normal man.  He was surviving from day to day, doing what he could, trying not to think about what he couldn’t.

Except sometimes, he couldn’t stop the yearning, the desire to regain what he’d lost.  Hell, he’d love nothing better than to get up into the saddle, get up on Gandry’s back and ride across the land as he’d used to, before he’d gone overseas with the army.  Before the IED had taken the lives of four of his team, and the use of his legs.

Shit.  He’d been lucky, all things considered, and he tried to remember that.  He’d come home.  He was sitting on his ranch in Montana, enjoying a beer at the end of the day.  He hadn’t died out there in that hot, dry hellhole.  He was alive.

His attention was drawn back to Grey, who had leaned forward and was waving his hand in front of Jeb’s face.  “What?” he snapped.

“You were miles away, man,” Grey remarked.

“I was tuning out your lecture,” Jeb muttered.  “Unless you wanna talk about what needs doing tomorrow, you might as well go watch TV.”

Grey drained his beer, taking his time before he responded.  Jeb didn’t like it – usually it meant Grey had something on his mind, something he wanted to talk about, but he was hesitating because he didn’t know how Jeb would react.

Jeb couldn’t blame him. He knew he’d been surly and difficult to live with since he’d come home, but it didn’t make him any more comfortable, waiting for Grey to break the protracted silence.  “Spit it out,” he finally demanded.  “You’ve obviously got something on your mind.”

“Mikayla.  I’m thinkin’ about heading into town to see her.  Thought I’d be neighborly, welcome her back to Rock Ridge.”

Jeb was stunned, taking nearly a full minute to respond.  When he did, he couldn’t keep disbelief from coloring his response.  “You’re kidding, right?  You can’t possibly think that’s a good idea?”

Grey shrugged, seeming unaffected by Jeb’s derision.  “A decade’s a long time, Jeb.”

“Don’t you remember?  She left, Grey!  Skipped town like a bat out of hell,” Jeb protested angrily.  “What makes you think she’ll have anything to say to you? To me?”

“Aren’t you at least curious?” Grey asked, tapping his thumb against his empty beer bottle.  “Wouldn’t you like to see her again, discover what brings her home?”

Jeb unlocked the brake on his wheelchair, knocking the empty beer bottle over in his haste, but he was too agitated to worry about it as it rolled noisily across the wooden porch.  “No, Grey, I don’t want to see her, and I’m not fucking interested in why she’s come back.  Mikayla Odell means nothing to me.  Goodnight.”  Jeb yanked open the screen door, guiding his wheelchair inside in a smooth, well-practiced maneuver and the screen door slammed soundly behind him.

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Cover Reveal – Knowledge Revealed

I’m so excited to be able to share with you the new cover for The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Revealed.  While I loved the old covers, my cover designer was no longer able to work with me on upcoming covers, hence a need to start again.

Creativia have a brand new cover designer on board, and this is what they’ve come up with for the Nememiah Series, starting with Book One – now I’m itching to see the new covers for all the other books in the series, along with the new book.

Unfortunately, this has meant that the release of Book Five – the fifth and final book in the series has suffered a delay in being published – but I promise it will be worth the wait!knowledgerevealed

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Cover Reveal – Protective Hearts Rebranding!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share the new cover for Protective Hearts with you!  With the move to Creativia, the possibility of having my books translated into other languages has become a possibility, but much to my disappointment, my amazing cover creator Hellvis has moved onto bigger and better things and can’t work with me on covers in the future.

Consequently, this has required a rethink on the current covers, and Creativia have decided the best way to move forward is to rebrand.  I’ve been working with them for the past few weeks on design ideas, and I’m proud and pleased today to be able to share the new Protective Hearts cover.

The next job on the agenda is to rebrand The Nememiah Chronicles – redesign the covers for Books One thru Four, and create a cover for Nememiah 5 – consequently, as much as I would like to hurry up publication of the final book… we’re in a bit of a holding pattern.

At this stage, Creativia and I have chosen a basic cover concept, and now it’s back in the hands of the designers to see what they can come up with.

Although it means another delay on the release of the long-awaited end of Charlotte’s story… I’m feeling enthusiastic and excited about where we’re headed.

And now, I present – Protective Hearts!


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Nememiah 5 – Coming Soon!

It’s been a long (long, long, long) time coming, but the final book is now in the hands of my editor and beta readers, and will soon be winging its way to my publisher for final approval and publication.  I know everyone waiting for the book has been incredibly patient, and in many cases, have begun to get frustrated with the long delay between this book and the last one.

I have no excuses, other than the fact that real life got in the way.  No.  I’m not dead.  No.  I didn’t run out of ideas.  And no, I never intended to finish the series where it ended at the end of Book 4.  The fact of the matter is that I had a huge, unplanned blip on my radar in the form of a catastrophic mental health breakdown some two and half years ago, which was followed by a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.  Which actually came as a relief, after years of being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder which didn’t quite cover all the stuff that went on in my head on a day-to-day basis.

In recent months, I’ve finally gotten settled onto a good level of meds, which has led to my previously stifled creative flow being back in full force.  And so, I’m delighted to let people know that if they’ve hung around for this long, all the answers are going to be revealed.  And I love you and thank you for putting up with an abysmally long wait.  First reactions from beta readers have been extremely positive, and I’m hoping that you (the readers) will be satisfied with the final journey.

Teaser 3 - I was Archangelo's wife...

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Big News Announcement!

This week, I have signed a contract with the boutique publisher, Creativia, and they will be taking over publication of my current bibliography and we will be working together into the future on new books (i.e. when I get around to writing them.)
I am very much looking forward to working with Miika and the Creativia team, they will be helping out with much of the marketing requirements, which is the part of being an indie author that has really gotten me down in the past few months. With Creativia’s assistance, I hope to get back to doing what I love most – writing down the words, and this new partnership should help greatly in that regard.


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Blog Tour – The Nememiah Chronicles by D.S. Williams (That’s ME!!)

AUTHOR: D.S. Williams
EDITOR: T.D. Williams
GENRE: Paranormal Romance
LENGTH: 326 pages
The Nememiah Chronicles - 300X450

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Charlotte Duncan has relocated to the small town of Puckhaber Falls, with only one goal in mind – to end her life after a devastating tragedy in her past.
The friendly nature of the local residents, along with an accidental meeting with a mysterious stranger, gives Charlotte reason to pause and reconsider the path she has chosen.
She finds herself drawn to Lucas Tine – the man is an enigma and Charlotte has difficulty understanding why she is so enamored of him. What is it about this man, which she finds so difficult to ignore?
As time passes, Charlotte discovers Lucas’s mysterious background – and in turn, reveals some hidden secrets of her own.
The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Revealed is the first book of The Nememiah Chronicles Series by D.S. Williams.
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The sound of rushing water increased in volume and between two ancient firs a fine mist rose over the water, creating a mini rainbow in the dappled sunlight.  I slowed down, cautiously picking a safe route towards the river’s edge.  The water was crystal clear – every rock, every pebble was visible on the sandy riverbed, and the flow of water was smooth and languorous.  Thick foliage drooped along the steep banks, trailing into the water.  It was a joyous montage of reds and yellows as the trees turned in the cool autumn weather, preparing for winter ahead.  There was a steep plunge in the direction of the falls and the water flowed and eddied as the river sped towards the drop.  It must have been forty feet from the top of the falls to the river below, the water rushing down the sheer drop and crashing onto the heavy boulders at the base.  I stepped steadily closer, my breathing calm as I watched the water roaring across the edge.

This was where I would end my life.
It would be easy this way, quick and leaving no room for uncertainty.  One single step and I’d be beyond failing, as I’d done so many times before.  It was isolated; nobody would find my remains and that would solve one issue which had stopped me in the past – the idea of someone finding me.  I wanted nobody in that situation, forced to deal with the trauma of finding a dead body.
And it would be fast, probably only a few seconds, to hit the boulders below.  If the fall didn’t kill me, death would come swiftly in the icy water.  I picked up a small branch and threw it into the water experimentally, watching it spin and twirl towards the edge of the waterfall before plummeting to the rocks below, vanishing under swirling foam and mist.
Satisfied with my plan, I smiled grimly.  I felt calm and confident, totally at peace with my decision.
Almost intuitively, I took a small step forward, out onto the slimy, moss-covered boulders at the lip of the waterfall.  And another.  My teeth began to chatter.  Only two more steps and my life would be over, two more steps would lead to a serenity that had been missing from my life, for so long.
I took one tiny step, mesmerized by the water thundering down the cliff.  I was vaguely aware of being wet, the spray wafting up from the falls and landing in fine droplets on my face, running down my neck.
Just one more step.
I lifted my foot, but something hooked firmly around my waist in the same second, snatching me backwards from the falls.  I lost my footing on the slippery rocks and tumbled backwards, plunging headfirst into the freezing river.  The shockingly cold water took my breath away and I swallowed a large mouthful, my throat, and lungs burning.  It felt like a thousand needles plunged into my skin as I struggled underwater.  Before I had a chance to panic, I was wrenched upwards and found myself facing an infuriated Lucas Tine.
Are you trying to kill yourself?” he demanded, his eyebrows furrowed together while he glared at me with undisguised fury.  His shoulders were stiff with tension, his hands gripped firmly around my upper arms.
Though distracted by the abrupt dunking, I saw the flare of silver in his dark blue eyes, pulsating with energy as he continued to stare down at me.  He was waiting for a response and I cowered beneath his angry gaze, feeling like a complete and utter fool.  I was soaked through – my jeans, sweater, and the heavy coat I’d been wearing were all wringing wet and my teeth chattered incessantly.  Even if I wasn’t freezing, I couldn’t answer – what was I going to say?  How could I tell this complete stranger that his guess was correct, and he’d just stopped me from achieving my desire?  I did the only possible thing in the ridiculous circumstances.  I burst into tears.
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Revealed 2
Revealed 16
Revealed 17


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Wife and mother to four demanding teenagers, D.S. Williams started writing at the age of five, when life was simpler and her stories really didn’t have to make much sense. When you’re five, happily ever after always ended the story and how you got there didn’t matter so much.
Older and wiser, D.S. Williams has continued to write… and write… and write. With the support and encouragement of her husband and friends, she has finally come to the conclusion that she can’t keep hiding from the world forever and should try sharing the numerous novels which have been written over the past 40+ years.
D.S. Williams enjoys writing (obviously), reading (voraciously) and making lists (obsessively). She’s enjoyed a lifelong addiction to foods starting with ‘ch’ – cheescake, chocolate and chips – and when it comes to books, she loves a really good cliffhanger. Be warned!
She shares her life with her husband of twenty eight years, the Gang of Four and the current furry residents, Tuppence the Groodle and Angus the Bull Mastiff.
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Hugely successful free weekend for Nememiah – Knowledge Revealed

It was an amazing weekend, frantically busy and far more successful than I’d ever imagined. I thought perhaps I’d have between 50-100 people downloading the book over the two days – in fact, we hit 700 downloads in the last couple of minutes. Already some good has come out of the marketing campaign, with a new 5 star review received from one of the reader’s who downloaded (and loved) Knowledge Revealed.
A huge thanks to everyone who put up with my endless ads and posts over the weekend – your patience (and support) was appreciated.

Valentine's Day Thanks