Puckhaber Residents

Hank Lucas

A long-time resident of Puckhaber Falls, Hank Lucas owns the local art-supply store and also provides a framing service.

Hank first meets Charlotte when she comes to his store to try and convince him to sell her paintings.  Hank is impressed by Charlotte’s talent and willingly helps out.  Not naturally emotional, Hank develops a soft spot for Lottie and is always on hand to lend her a willing ear.  He’s aware of something from Charlotte’s past, but is uncomfortable trying to talk to her about it.  He helps out in other ways, namely ‘increasing’ the amount of money she makes whenever a painting sells by supplementing it from his own pocket.

Hank lives with his wife Mary in the town of Puckhaber.  A simple man, he enjoys the pleasures of living in the isolated town and enjoys a poker game with friends, including Sherriff Clinton Davis.

Maude Yeardley

Divorcee Maude Yeardley has lived in Puckhaber Falls for the past fifteen years, since she seperated from her husband.

A successful Realtor, Maude is responsible for any property bought and sold in the Puckhaber Falls area, along with providing rental accomodation to newcomers, which is how she met Charlotte Duncan.   It helps Maude’s business to be the only Realtor in town.

Effervescent and friendly, Maude has made many friends and is privy to every ounce of gossip available, most of which she spreads with glee amongst the other residents.   When she first meets Charlotte, she is taken by the young woman’s gentle nature and is determined to help her fit into the small town, despite Charlotte’s protests.

Lonnie Stewart

Vivacious and popular, Lonnie Stewart is just a few months younger than Charlotte when they first meet and she’s determined to be friends with the newest resident of Puckhaber Falls, seemingly oblivious to Charlotte’s reticence.

Lonnie works at the Puckhaber Quikmart as a cashier, which is where she first meets Charlotte.  Bright and cheerful, she is planning on attending Puckhaber Community College and urges Charlotte to join her.  When this plan fails, she is determined to include Charlotte in local events, inviting her to a cook-out being held by a friend later in the first week of Charlotte’s arrival.

Lonnie is involved in a relationship with Mike Tredway, a young man local to Puckhaber Falls and it is him who she brings along as her date to Marianne and Striker’s wedding.

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