The Tremaine Pack

Sexy manConal Tremaine

39 years old, Conal is the son of pack Alpha, Lyell Tremaine and his wife Amoux.  Conal first meets Charlotte Duncan when he is kidnapped by Laurence Armstrong, who wants to use Conal’s special ability to try and access Charlotte’s powers.

Conal falls hard and fast for Charlotte, and ends up trying to protect her from Armstrong and his evil intentions.  He knows that his love for her has nowhere to go, however, as she is involved with the vampire, Lucas Tine.

Mature man reading bookLyell Tremaine

Conal’s father, Lyell initially treats Charlotte with a great deal of suspicion, however it doesn’t take long for Charlotte to overcome his reservations, and to keep the Tine Kiss safe, Charlotte enters into a blood pact with Lyell Tremaine.

Later, when Lyell is killed during the attack on the Tremaine Pack, his spirit becomes an integral part of Charlotte’s progress in the war against the Draghici.

Portraits of women in outdoorsAmoux Tremaine

The widow of Lyell Tremaine, Amoux is one of her son’s most fervent supporters.

Nonny TremaineJuanita (Nonny) Tremaine

An integral member of the Tremaine Pack, Nonny is feisty, brave and her no-nonsense approach to life is integral to supporting Charlotte during the war.  She is the Tremaine Pack secret keeper, and the knowledge of the pack’s history has been passed down from one generation to the next, with Nonny being the current keeper.

Nonny actively encourages a relationship between her grandson Conal and Charlotte, determined that they belong together.