The Coulter Family

Emily CoulterEmily Coulter

When we meet Emily Coulter, she’s working as an Escort and living at Seattle BDSM club ‘Salacious’.  Twenty six years old, she has a strawberries and cream complexion, rosebud lips and bright blue eyes.

Emily likes to keep her business and personal life completely separate and adopts the persona of ‘Sienna’ when she meets up with clients, wearing a long, blonde wig to hide her dark hair, which is naturally curly and frames and her face in a halo of short ringlets.  Emily has six clients when she meets Matt, and only takes him on as a favour for her friend, Detective Paul Meccelli.

Emily has a difficult relationship with her family, and left home early, knowing her sexual tastes would not be accepted by her overbearing father.

Emerson Coulter

Emily’s father, he is the President of Ontell Corporation, a business he’s run for most of his life.

He and Emily have never enjoyed a good father/daughter relationship, Emerson doesn’t understand his daughters, and has tried hard to control their lives.

A control freak, his is cold and demanding, and has spent little time with his family as they grew up.  He was particularly hard on Emily, who wouldn’t conform to his demands and he’s found endless faults in her behaviour and abilities.

“My father tried to rule our lives from the very beginning.  Protect us and control us.  He chose the schools we’d attend before we were born.  Career choices were made by him.  He chose our friends, our sports, our social engagements.  None of us was allowed to date until we were eighteen.  It was suffocating.”


Emily’s mother doesn’t have a strong personality and always agrees with Emerson, preferring to keep the peace rather than fight his strong beliefs and desires.  Her inability to stand up to Emerson leaves Emily angry and frustrated with her mother.

She had a lifelong obsession with the Bronte sisters and named her three daughters after the Bronte sisters.

Anne Coulter

The eldest of Emerson’s three daughters, Anne has followed her father’s rules and married a man who garnered her father’s approval.  Anne’s husband is a Vice President in the Ontell Corporation, and one of her father’s ‘pet projects’ according to Emily.


Charlotte Coulter

Charlotte went to Harvard and studied law.  Emily believes she’s working in New York, but doesn’t have a lot to do with either of her sisters.  When Matt asks whether Charlotte is married, Emily admits that she suspects her sister prefers women, but would never admit to it, knowing Emerson would disown her immediately.