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Beyond the Shadows – Anna Hub

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If your shadow was trying to consume you, how would you run from it?

What if you were afraid of something you could never escape?

Selena Parker’s journey into the unknown begins in her dreams, but the consequences are carried back into her conscious life and she soon realises paranormal forces are at work. Her shadow has become more than just an image, it is a gateway to a sinister new world where mysterious creatures roam and she is confronted by danger that challenges her will to survive.She finds the man whose fate is linked inexplicably to her own but she knows nothing of him and doubts his true nature. Her only option is to place her life in his hands while they search for a way to stop the shadows claiming them forever.

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About the Author

Anna_Hub_Profile_PicWhen I was a child I wanted to be an author, it seemed like a perfectly attainable dream to me then, but of course I grew up and realised that writing was not the best way to make a future for myself. So I discarded the idea and decided to do something normal.

When I studied nursing I thought I’d found a place for myself, but within six months of working in that field I knew I needed more. So in July 2007 I bought myself a lap top and started writing in my spare time. It took me two years to complete my first book and by the time it was finished I felt as though I’d learnt enough to pursue the dream.

My love for writing has grown rapidly since then and now I know that it’s something I can’t live without. It’s a place where there is no limit, no exact destination and my mind is free to exist in many worlds.

It’s a beautiful sanctuary.

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The Gatekeeper’s Key – Alisha Payne and Nick Taylor


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Content Warning: Sexual situations and bad language. Magical violence.

Cover designer: Steven Novak ~ Editor: Rebecca




Attacks from Hellish minions have cast the magical world into an uproar. Amid the chaos, Sorceress Krystine Iamides conceals the supernatural from humanity by using her precognitive talents. Unfortunately, luck is not always kind and fate thrusts her alongside her estranged lover while investigating a cult’s ritualistic sacrifice.

Detective Jean-Luc Chevalier has a reputation for returning from the dead, as well as stealing Krystine’s heart. At first, her psychic ability seems like the right investigative tool to aid his case – until it attracts a demonic entity with a taste for human flesh.

Now, as cult activities risk exposing magical society, it becomes imperative for the ex-lovers to combine their unique gifts to survive the deception at hand. Jean-Luc and Krys must discover the meaning of standing united; for divided, they will fall.

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Jean-Luc capped the end of his penlight and tucked it into his leather jacket, making it too dark to make out his pale features beside her. She sensed him near and enjoyed the warmth of his breath close to her. He may have been a working man, but Krys knew from experience that he had soft, beautiful hands and a soothing touch.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered suddenly in a low voice. His breath caressed her ear.

“I do. You know I do.” Her shoulder lifted and her cheek pressed into his hand in the dark. “I’m sorry. I can do this.”

“I know you can…” Jean-Luc’s thumb continued to sweep tenderly across her skin.

Within seconds, her racing heart began to calm and the dry lump in her throat eased. Her fears seeped away. In their place, she felt a sort of cool detachment despite the overwhelming odds. There was only one thing she needed to do first.

A turn of her head and a lift of her hand brought his face to hers. She kissed him, firm and deep, daring to slip her tongue between his lips and enjoy the ardor he reciprocated. Jean-Luc’s kisses were a drug, as fine as her most beloved wine, but Krys pulled away before she completely lost herself. It was hard. Especially, since he had returned the display of affection with equal passion.

“I missed you, Jean-Luc, and I’m sorry.” She needed to say it. With the danger they headed toward, she needed him to know in case she never got the chance again. “I was going to call you this morning, I swear it.”

“I… I have missed you too, Krystine.”

Strange how something so simple meant so much to her. “Thank you for helping us.” Thank you for finding me. Again.

“There is never a need to thank me for doing what is right. This will go well, cherie, have faith in that.”

About Author

Nick Taylor enjoys writing as an outlet for her creativity. The works of Tolkien have inspired her and remain among some of her favorite novels. She is a videogamer by nature and enjoys horror movies, the outdoors, animals, and renaissance festivals. Nick currently lives in Texas where she hopes to acquire her registered nursing degree and is the mother of two beautiful children ages nine and eleven.

Alisha Payne loves to read and has always had a fondness for creative writing. She started with poetry and moved up to short stories, before eventually writing novels with her friend Nick. She loves reading a whole range of genres and authors from Tolkien to James Rollins, and blames her love for reading on her mother, who introduced her to the worlds of Pern and Xanth. Alisha is a former Petty Officer of the United States Navy, which is where she met her wonderful husband. She currently resides with her family in Virginia.

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Additional Books


The Regent’s Gamble

Addison never asked to become a king among the mages in his society. Now he protects the fragile balance between the mundane and supernatural realms. The job is easier said than done, even with the aid of a sultry half-dryad who possesses unique talents of her own. Crumbling truces test boundaries of the new ruler and his elite wizards as they are swept into a treacherous game of loyalty and betrayal. A sinister enemy forges deadly plans for the city of New York, and it will stop at nothing to achieve its wicked desires.

In a world where demons whisper seductions into mortal ears and fae prey upon the desperate with underhanded deals, fate thrusts an ordinary young woman and her child into the center of a building storm. In Manhattan, trolls lurk under more than bridges, gentle nature spirits become killers overnight, and necromancers raise the dead to benefit their insidious plots. To save New York City from ruin, the lives of four strangers must intertwine. If they cannot defeat their own inner demons, then all is lost and the forces of Hell will triumph.

The Collector’s Treasure

Griffin MacNeil makes his living as a treasure hunter; an adventuring sorcerer with a knack for surviving against the odds. Exploring perilous tombs and ancient ruins for lost treasure is satisfying work, but his thoughts often travel to his first love Aisling, the best friend he left behind.

As the orphaned child of a Changeling, Aisling has a natural talent for the magical arts. Her compassion, generosity, and gift for lifting devilish curses aid her in saving lives as well as mending souls. Unfortunately, she’s also inherited a stubborn streak that would make her fae ancestors proud.

Relentless mage-hunters sabotage Griffin’s most recent quest in Egypt, with fatal consequences for those around him. After a rough recovery, chance throws Griffin right into Aisling’s path. The unexpected meeting allows them to rekindle their friendship, but their reunion is bittersweet. With trained mercenaries annihilating wizard-kind and a demon-summoning cult on his heels, Griffin needs more than a Faerie girl and his lucky gold coin to keep ahead of danger.

Primal Legacy

For centuries, the peaceful Wakani people have enjoyed the protection granted by the nagual – fierce tribal champions able to shapeshift to a feline shape. Among them, a man named Felipe struggles to find his place and create his own path. Young, headstrong, and too inquisitive for his own good, Felipe’s life takes a dangerous turn after a seductive encounter with a mysterious explorer.

Dynamite, guns, and the spread of invading civilization are only some of the perils threatening Felipe’s tribe. Another hungry danger lurks just beyond the village boundaries, and it eagerly awaits the chance to make the whole tribe its prey. The inexperienced warrior becomes torn between duty and desire, but his beguiling adventurer’s past makes them natural enemies. Can they overcome their differences in time to face the greater danger… or will a sinister presence consume them all?

A Spellbound Christmas

This book occurs between The Collector’s Treasure and The Gatekeeper’s Key, but it may be read as a standalone series of short stories. Stories 1 and 3 contain adult content.

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas! Take a step away from reality and enjoy these magical holiday-themed paranormal stories starring characters from A Spellbound Consortium.

A wizard cowboy named Noah enjoys a special night with his lady on Christmas Eve. Lachlan, the fairy hound, makes a new friend in the most unlikely place. The psychic journalist Krys has a special dance with the object of her affection.

Across Our Stars: Victor

In the distant future, the nations of Earth have merged beneath a single ruling body: the United Empire. Under the protection of Her Majesty’s Galactic Navy, humanity has spread across our stars and entered a new Golden Age of prosperity and peaceful colonization.

Doctor Victor del Toro rose from nothing to escape poverty and a childhood on the streets. He serves the galaxy as one of the Navy’s leading cyberneticists and views the Royal Marines as his family. But that doesn’t mean they’re privileged to know his career is a comfort from his turbulent past.

Born to influential parents, Zoe Raines’ childhood dream was to make a difference without her father’s money. To avoid an arranged marriage, she enlisted and risked her life to save a fellow marine, sacrificing a limb in the process. Her new prosthetic places her under Doctor del Toro’s watchful eye – and his talented hands.

Age and rank should divide them, but Victor needs Zoe for reasons beyond their mutual attraction. Danger is on the rise in the galaxy, and the mass abduction of entire colonies leads to one staggering fact: someone out there has targeted cybernetic recipients. It falls to Victor to solve the mystery. With Zoe as his empathetic ear and the gun to guard his back, the doctor must discover the whereabouts of the missing cyborgs and heal his own damaged soul.


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New Release – Kross Out 2 by Rhys Flint



TITLE: Kross Out 2

AUTHOR: Rhys Flint

GENRE: Urban Fiction

PUBLICATION: January 16, 2015

COVER DESIGNER: Dynasty’s Cover Me

Fate sends Devin on a journey to find answers for his employer. He winds up with answers to questions he never knew he had…
Flacco comes into his own after being schooled by his father in his role in the family business. He’s come a long way from street Hustla to cartel prince…
Portia’s complicated life is intertwined between Devin and Flaccos. Find out who’s really the puppet master in this stunning sequel…Kross Out 2
“Hey.” Devin said, walking into the room.

Portia was sitting on an ottoman with a glass of wine in one hand and a picture of Foxx and Devin at a Falcon’s game in the other. There were pictures of Foxx all over with an array of people. He seemed to know everyone.

“Hey, yourself.” Portia responded, placing the picture back on the end table.

“You ready?” Devin asked.

“I’m ready if you are. I’m with you, handsome. What happens now or am I not supposed to ask?” Portia asked.

“Well, you definitely won’t have to worry about that gentleman, we’re sending him home with a warning. I don’t think he’ll be a problem.”

“I feel very safe with you, Devin. I know that I should be more afraid and probably hysterical, but with you, it’s just the opposite. I’m calm like the eye of a storm.”

“Okay, let’s get out of here. I’ll take you to the hotel. Actually, I’ll take you there to get your things, but you’re staying at my place tonight,” Devin said.

“That’s fine with me. Like I said before, I feel totally at ease with you. Ummm, Devin?” Portia spoke.


“There’s something that I’ve wanted to know since I met you on the plane.” Portia said shyly.

“What’s that, gorgeous? You can ask me anything.” Devin assured her, as he began closing the distance between them.

“Well, um, it’s just that your lips look so soft and you do this little thing where you lick your bottom lip and it drives me crazy. Are you a good kisser?” She purred before taking a deep breath and exhaling it slowly.

Devin could see she was nervous, She was fidgeting with a napkin she had picked up and was subconsciously tearing it into pieces, dropping bits onto the floor at her feet. He could also see her arousal. Her nipples were peeking at him through her shirt and her pupils had dilated. He didn’t bother to respond her question. Devin grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to him. He gently wiped a loose strand of hair from her face. He was intoxicated by her scent. He could stay in that moment, in that space for eternity inhaling her. The sweet smell of the spearmint and the wine she had been drinking lingered on her lips as she slowly parted them in anticipation of their lips meeting.

Devin couldn’t wait another moment. He looked into her eyes for approval but couldn’t wait another second for it; he was fighting a losing battle. Finally, he leaned in and kissed her with an urgency that he had never felt before. He slipped his tongue in between her lips and savored the taste of her as their tongues intertwined. Portia let out a deep moan as she immersed herself in his kiss, placing both of her arms around him, stroking his muscular back. She pushed her body closer to him and could feel his growing erection against her stomach.

This kiss, their first kiss, was beginning to consume them both. Devin grabbed her by her butt and lifted her up onto his throbbing manhood. Portia responded by wrapping her legs around him as she began grinding her hips against him, urging him on. Suddenly, Devin broke the kiss and their locked bodies.

“Damn! Come on, let’s get out of here before I take you to the Promised Land.” He said, regaining his composure. Devin was really feeling her, but he was in no way, shape, form or fashion Tender D.

“How do you know it won’t be me taking your sexy ass there myself?” Portia replied with a wickedly sexy grin on her face.

Portia grabbed her purse and sauntered to the door, making sure Devin took notice of her every curve. She knew what she was doing, and she would slowly but surely seduce this man and get exactly what she wanted from him. Devin opened the door for her, trying to calm himself and the fire that was burning through him. They both headed out to the car. As Devin was opening the door for her to get in, Portia walked up behind and grabbed his butt.

“Damn, just like I thought, firm and round.” She teased.

Devin let out a chuckle and stepped to the side so she could get in the car. He had to get himself together. She was a distraction he could not afford right now. He closed the door behind her and walked around to the driver’s side. Devin looked back at the house and ran down a mental checklist that he kept to ensure he took care of everything before they left. Once he was satisfied that everything was okay and done, he climbed into the car and started the engine. The Maserati roared to life and he pulled off.


Author Rhys Flint is from Atlanta Georgia, Lives in northern California. An avid reader, Rhys enjoys sports, Mixed martial arts, music and networking. CEO at RHYSWORLD PUBLISHING who’s mission is to bring the hottest novels from all genres. Other books under the RhysWorld Publishing umbrella ; “Jugg Men”, coming in January also by Rhys Flint, and “Young Gunz” by new author Wolfgang Gill.



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