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It’s Been A While…

I’ve been missing in action for quite a few weeks now, with one thing and another, blogging has been on the backburner.
One of those reasons has been having surgery, for a hernia which has been hanging around for a while, but hadn’t caused me too much trouble until recently.
Another thing, has been a heck of a lot of procrastination.
There should be a self-help group for procrastinators. Somewhere we could go to meet other procrastinators and admit our addictions.

Hi, my name is D.S. and I procrastinate.  I’m addicted to Facebook, and have been known to lurk around Pinterest and when I’m really trying to avoid my work-in-progress, I’ll pfaff about playing Candy Crush Soda Saga and Mirrors of Albion to avoid actually opening the word file I should be concentrating on. I have a problem.

My new week’s resolution is to be tougher on myself and give myself a firm talking to if I’m procrastinating. I’ll let my readers know later on how that’s going.
Probably in a Facebook post 🙂