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Seven Months on and We’re Still Finding Work Arounds… Which Don’t Always Work

Since things went south with me – so have meals in the Williams household. My concentration skills aren’t brilliant, and consequently, cooking dinner is a big deal. A really big deal, as I get sidetracked and things usually end up undercooked/overcooked/or missing key ingredients. It’s frustrating as hell, especially as I’m supposed to be feeding the hungry husband and the Gang of Four.
Consequently, dinner has degenerated into unplanned chaos most nights, with a set group of ‘staple’ meals – and my own speciality – spaghetti.
It’s about the only meal I’ve managed to cook in the past seven months , without screwing it up unduly. Mind you, I don’t deserve a pat on the back for that… we’re talking a pre-measured slab of minced beef, a jar of spaghetti sauce, a packet of shop-bought pasta – the most technical part of the process, frankly, is remembering to grate the cheese.
Naturally enough – everyone is bored shitless with the staple meals.
And fairly fed up with spaghetti.
Consequently, a week or so ago, we decided on a new plan…
Now I plan the meals for the week, using my handy little recipe program on my tablet, and I hand the plan off to Steve to check out and decide what order they need to go in, based on what the kiddies have planned. (Simple meals on busy nights, slightly more complex meals on nights when we have time). Then the recipe program provides me with a shopping list and I can tick off what we already have, and it advises me exactly what needs to go on the shopping list for the week (which gets ordered online and delivered to the door – as everyone recalls, going out isn’t one of my strong points)
The next part of the section – flips over to the domain of the Darling Husband, and the Gang of Four to cook – but especially the delightful daughter, who is a national treasure!
So far, it’s working well – and the darling husband and gang of four are very impressed with the results… except for Flootus, of course, who isn’t big on anything new…
Last night’s meal was simplicity in itself – I’d found a recipe for ‘Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken’ – and Steve was running late, so I figured it was SO simple, I could do it myself. The grocery requirements were chicken, olive oil, minced garlic and brown sugar. What’s hard about that?
Well, me being me – out of the FOUR ingredients I needed – I managed to only have THREE that I’d ordered in our military precision planning. Yep, folks, I glanced at the brown sugar container when ordering groceries last week, and didn’t realize that while there was brown sugar sticking to the sides of the container… it didn’t actually have any substantial amounts of brown sugar in it.
Consequently, an emergency trip to Coles was needed to get one of the key ingredients of the four needed for the recipe.

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