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Outstanding review on!!!


Just discovered an awesome 5 star review on Amazon’s UK website for ‘Knowledge Revealed’ and had to share:
“Right, let’s get one thing straight before I start this review – Twilight was not the first documentation of vampires who consume animal blood or have ‘special abilities’.
Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ has the power of telepathy and shape changing. In Dark Shadows (1966), Barnabus Collins can drink animal blood. These are just two examples which considerably pre-date ‘modern’ vampire tales, so let’s keep an open mind and stop drawing comparisons (unlike one of the other reviewers). Got it? Good.
‘Knowledge Revealed’ is beautifully written from start to finish, with vivid descriptions which come alive in the mind of the reader. The plot is well thought out, flowing smoothly throughout the story with the right amounts of tension in all the correct places.
The characters are very believable – D.S. Williams has taken the time to construct viable back-stories for each one, further enhancing their personality and appeal. Charlotte (the MC) has a particularly harrowing and unexpected past which explains her actions and reactions throughout the story as she is slowly bought out of her shell by those around her.
‘Knowledge Revealed’ is a fantastic read, ending on a huge cliffhanger – I’ve purchased the 2nd book and can’t wait for it to arrive!”
Thank you so much – D.S. xxxx


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