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Book Three of The Nememiah Chronicles has a title!

The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Hurts

Charlotte Duncan’s quest to rescue her friends has been successful – but at what cost?  In love with two very different men, the vampire Lucas Tine and werewolf Conal Tremaine, Charlotte struggles to reconcile her emotions, terrified of losing one or both of them.
There is little time to deal with the repercussions of her choices, however, when the Drâghici Consiliului’s plans have been exposed.  Intent on controlling all supernatural creatures, the Consiliului will stop at nothing to achieve their goal – even resorting to mass murder.
And at the centre of their plans – the second Nememiah’s Child.
Having been created by the Consiliului, Archangelo is a dangerous combination of angel and vampire… and obsessed with Charlotte.
The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Hurts is the third book of The Nememiah Chronicles Series by D.S. Williams
AND GUESS WHAT?  It will be available in a couple of weeks!
The cover will be revealed soon!

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