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Ready for Mother’s Day…

After the couple of weeks I’ve had, I’m ready for Mother’s Day tomorrow, although it will be busy (again) as we’re now living in the same state with both Mum’s.   First off will be morning tea with my Mum, sister and nieces – we originally planned a breakfast picnic but seeing as winter has finally arrived in Perth (hallelujah!) it was decided by one and all that an outdoors picnic would not be as pleasant as we had initially hoped 🙂
In the afternoon, the Gang of Four (or maybe three, as Son #1 has an overnight shift at McDonalds, or maybe two, as Son #2 has an 18th Birthday party to go to) will be trundling off to see their other Nanna for afternoon tea.  
As for myself – I’m hoping for a sleep-in, however small – and chocolate.  It’s become the standard Mother’s Day present for me, as the husband and the Gang of Four both know of my addiction.  To add to my delight, the Bonza Babe has spent this morning making chocolate peppermint slice and this afternoon intends on making a chocolate cheesecake.  If I get chockies in the morning as my gift, it will be the perfect day!
And now back to editing on Book Three – which admittedly, has been somewhat slow and haphazard in the past few weeks.  Had a great message from a reader last night – saying she had read both ‘Knowledge Revealed’ and ‘Knowledge Quickening’  and ‘loved, loved, loved them’  It’s so fantastic when someone takes the time to write and express their feelings for something I’ve created.  It’s enough to spur me out of my editing doldrums and to get back to creating the final touches so that Book Three will be out… almost on time!

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