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It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning…

… and I’m writing a blog post which is long overdue.  
Between the housework, school holidays, a husband who had major surgery, directing two plays (two!) and Tuppence the Wonderdog’s ear infection – life has been crazy.

On a bright and wonderful note, the sales of the paperback version of “The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Revealed” have been good.  Not startling (i.e. the husband can’t retire yet) but I’m still very excited about it.  There is something uniquely wonderful about holding a book with your name on the cover.

And that’s the crazy thing, isn’t it.  I’m an author.  Every time I think of those three words in a sentence, I find myself shaking my head.  How’d that happen?  I’ve always written, for as long as I can remember ( and longer, according to my mum) but I never thought of it as something I could do to make a living.  Albeit a very tiny one.  The craziest thing was when my daughter was sending a letter to  a friend and announced how ‘proud she was that her Mum was an author’.  

That’s me!!  Hang on a minute – my daughter is proud of me because I’m an author!  That’s off-the-planet cool, as far as I’m concerned.

I’m still plugging away at edits of Book Three – which is one of the most exciting books so far, in my humble opinion.  Lots of conflict between Charlotte and the two men in her life, Conal and Lucas.  I’m with Charlotte on this one – how could you possibly choose between them?  She does, of course, but the initial writing of the book saw me (and her) wavering in what decision to make.  What is best for both her and these two wonderful men?  Of course, at the time, neither she (nor I) knew what events were just around the corner… in Book Four.

My biggest conundrum at the moment is what to name Book Three when I’ve finished editing… I find naming the book and writing the synopsis two of the most incredibly difficult things in the whole procedure.  Writing the book?  The whole story just flows with the ebbs and currents of a creative mind.  The synopsis – not so much… trying to build and exciting and interesting few lines which give the essence of the book is tricky.  What to reveal, what not to reveal, how much is too much, how much is not enough – gack.  I’m giving myself a headache just thinking about it.  

As for writing the book, I named Book One ‘Knowledge Revealed’ because it was such a learning process for Charlotte which so much information about both her and Lucas… revealed.  

Book Two became ‘Knowledge Quickening’ because it was a rollercoaster ride for my favorite heroine, learning so quickly and having to adjust on the run as her life took more twists and turns.

And now with book three, I really, really want to continue the ‘knowledge’ theme I have going on, but I’m a bit non-plussed as to where to go next…

I saw a quote the other day which showed a huge library full of books and mentioned that every single one of them was made up of just twenty six letters.  I guess I’ll go think about those twenty six letters and see which ones come out of the pot as a great idea for the next title.

Until next time, 



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