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New Book by D.S. Williams – Protective Hearts

I’m so thrilled to announce the title and synopsis for my new book, which will be released before the end of the year.

The title will be ‘Protective Hearts’.  

This one has been a long time in the making, and is affectionately known as ‘the little book which isn’t certain of it’s genre’.  Even this close to completion, I’m not certain what genre it actually is – which should be fun when it comes time to upload to Amazon and Smashwords!  Let me just say it’s a paranormal/romance/murder mystery/thriller with a few surprises thrown in.  I think it’s my favorite book which I’ve written to date, and I’m having a love affair with one, (or two) of the main characters.

What I can guarantee is that this is an amazing story, with strong characters, lots of angst and heartache and plenty of drama and intrigue.

Look for it being available before the end of December.  


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The Nememiah Chronicles – The Knowledge of Love – It’s available NOW!

I’m so pleased to announce the fourth book in The Nememiah Chronicles series is available for purchase as of today.  This book has truly been a labor of love, and I have to say, it’s my favorite book so far.



Tragedy has swept Charlotte Duncan’s feet from under her again – and this time, she knows she is to blame.
Reeling from loss, Charlotte must find a way to move forward and continue the war against Archangelo and the Vampire Council.  As their reign of terror continues, Charlotte endeavors to protect those who seek asylum at Zaen, whilst dealing with the knowledge that only one of Nememiah’s Children will survive.  Will it be her, or Archangelo?
Along the way, Charlotte will receive assistance from unexpected quarters, and discovers that despite thinking everything of importance has been stolen from her, she’s been left with a precious gift.

Available Now From The Following Retailers:



Meet the Characters:

Charlotte Duncan


Charlotte Duncan moves to the small town of Puckhaber Falls in Montana with the sole intention of ending her life after a tragedy in her past. She meets Lucas Tine  and finds herself drawn to him, despite her desire to remain isolated from other people. Whilst she discovers Lucas is harboring a secret, she surprises him and his Kiss by revealing a major secret of her own.
Lucas Tine
Lucas Tine is 6’1″ tall with dark brown hair and midnight blue eyes. Like all vampires in my world, he has metallic streaks in his eyes, which flash and swirl dependent on his mood.  He has a strong square jawline with high cheek bones and he’s incredibly handsome with a broad, muscular chest.


Created in 1866, at the age of 24.  He was born in Chicago and struck down by a cholera epidemic which killed his entire family. He was saved from death when the vampire Florien found him dying in the street and created him to vampire.
Conal Tremaine

Conal Tremaine is a werewolf, and first meets Charlotte Duncan when he is kidnapped and forced to use his ability to probe her mind for information regarding her psychic strength.  Conal doesn’t wish to hurt the young woman he is held captive with, and does everything in his power to help her escape.

Conal falls hard and fast for Charlotte, but Charlotte is in love with the vampire, Lucas Tine. Conal may have to settle for friendship with the beautiful woman he adores.



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The Nememiah Chronicles – The Knowledge of Love

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to be in preparations for the release of Book Four in The Nememiah Chronicles, which has been titled ‘The Knowledge of Love’.

‘Love’ has been one of the toughest books for me to write, it has a heap of emotion throughout the book, as Charlotte struggles with tragedy and her own guilt.

The Nememiah Chronicles – The Knowledge of Love will be released worldwide on Wednesday, 28th May 2014.

I hope my readers will love it as much as I do.


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Choosing a New Project

With Book Four of The Nememiah Chronicles done and dusted, other than those minor details such as beta reading, cover designing and uploading, today I’ve spent some time contemplating my next move – what am I going to do next?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this is a delicious part of the writing process for me.  Choosing my next project gives a delightful sense of anticipation and I choose from the many voices in my head, who are calling for their story to be told.

There’s something wonderful about knowing I have the power to make the choice.  Do I go back to one of my current WIP’s, or do I start something new? Who’s voice is the strongest in my mind?  Who is fervent about having their story told?

For the past eighteen months, I have lived, breathed, slept and eaten ‘Nememiah’.  Four and a half books in the series had been written, albeit roughly, before I worked up the courage to publish.  What this has meant for myself, is eighteen months of editing and re-editing, polishing and brushing up the words until they were the best they could possibly be.  It’s been eighteen months on a very steep learning curve as I delved into the world of self-publishing as an Indie Author.

It’s also been eighteen months, near enough, where I have done very little ‘new writing’  I’ve started a few WIP’s, mainly because the characters involved have been particularly vociferous about getting their stories started, if not finished.

So now I have a conundrum to deal with.  I’ve decided (no doubt, much to the chagrin of the readers who love Charlotte and her friends) that Nememiah Five is going on the backburner for a little while.  I’ve spent so much time in Charlotte’s world that both she and I require a little break from one another. I think to do the final book in the series its full justice, I need to return to it in a few months, and spend those months doing what I love most in the world – creating new characters in new situations and new places.

There is something very exciting, and equally as scary, in facing a blank computer ‘page’ and waiting for the words to come.  As a general rule, and I’m sure other writers deal with the same issue, you can come up with a million good ideas… until you sit down and stare at that blank page.  Quite often, that blank page is enough to clog up every single good idea you’ve had (which generally appear while you’re grocery shopping, or hanging out laundry, or driving one of the Gang of Four to work, or school, or the cinema) and stick a great big cork in the end of the good idea pipe.  And stick that cork up with super glue, to ensure you can’t pull it out.  

So this section, between finishing one project and starting the next, is my favorite part of the whole process.  The anticipation, the buzz of enthusiasm, the excitement of knowing you’re about to create and build a story which comes completely from your own heart and soul, is the drug which keeps my desire to write as a tangible and exciting part of my life.  I started this adventure when I was a young child, and I still love it.  Knowing now, after publishing, that other people love the characters and the story you created is the most amazing buzz in the world.  

So now I’m off, to give further thought to where myself (and my characters) are headed to now.

See you on the flip side.

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Outstanding review on!!!


Just discovered an awesome 5 star review on Amazon’s UK website for ‘Knowledge Revealed’ and had to share:
“Right, let’s get one thing straight before I start this review – Twilight was not the first documentation of vampires who consume animal blood or have ‘special abilities’.
Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ has the power of telepathy and shape changing. In Dark Shadows (1966), Barnabus Collins can drink animal blood. These are just two examples which considerably pre-date ‘modern’ vampire tales, so let’s keep an open mind and stop drawing comparisons (unlike one of the other reviewers). Got it? Good.
‘Knowledge Revealed’ is beautifully written from start to finish, with vivid descriptions which come alive in the mind of the reader. The plot is well thought out, flowing smoothly throughout the story with the right amounts of tension in all the correct places.
The characters are very believable – D.S. Williams has taken the time to construct viable back-stories for each one, further enhancing their personality and appeal. Charlotte (the MC) has a particularly harrowing and unexpected past which explains her actions and reactions throughout the story as she is slowly bought out of her shell by those around her.
‘Knowledge Revealed’ is a fantastic read, ending on a huge cliffhanger – I’ve purchased the 2nd book and can’t wait for it to arrive!”
Thank you so much – D.S. xxxx


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Cover Reveal and General Ramblings

It’s been a big week.  Yeah, I know, I know.  I say that every time I get on here… and I’m very aware those visits are few and far between.

This week has been a combination of preparing Knowledge Hurts for publication and working on edits for Book Four, which is unnamed as yet. Hoping  to have ‘Hurts’ available on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle early next week with the paperback shortly thereafter.

For anyone who’s missed it – here’s the cover, which I am really pleased with. My friend Hellvis is an absolutely awesome designer and the covers for both ‘Quickening’ and ‘Hurts’ have been purely her own design.  The only thing I provided is the wing graphic and she takes over from there.

The other interesting thing I’ve done this week, is to start reading my own books.  Naturally, I’ve read them back to front and front to back more times than I would care to count, but that’s always from the skewed perspective of both writing and editing.  I’ve found it’s a completely different situation when you read the books as a ‘reader’.  This week I’ve been reading ‘Revealed’.

For starters (and I’m blowing my own trumpet here) – I think it’s a good read. I’m trying to imagine reading it from the reader’s point of view alone, and I have to say, I think it tumbles along at a reasonable pace.  Being 1st person objective, I’m hyper-aware of the use of the words ‘me’ and ‘I’, but in my less than objective opinion – I don’t think I did too badly.

The funny thing about reading my own works as a ‘reader’ – things I don’t recall from the writing and editing process.  I’ve found myself pausing a number of times and thinking ‘Wow, I didn’t remember that’.  It’s been an interesting process and I like to think that it’s ensuring that by the time I get to the end of the Chronicles – all the loose ends will be tied up.  When I started this ‘Nememiah Odyssey’, I never dreamed of how expansive and far-reaching the story would be – nor did I allow for the amount of characters who would worm their way into my heart and mind.  The characters you read about in my books are, from my own point of view, real people.  I know them, I love them and I enjoy telling their stories.  (Some of them have been grumbling fairly furiously about the lengthy delay in getting back to their stories, but that’s the editing and publishing process for you… it takes a LOT of time.)

Best of all, I’ve discovered through being a reader rather than writer, that I adore these characters.  I have a vested interest in their lives and I smile when they smile, I shake my head when they do something stupid and I love discovering what they will do next.  And that’s the truth of it – most of the time, I don’t have a clue what they are going to do next.  I know many writers plan their entire book from start to finish, working from cue cards, or copious notes on how each chapter is going to be written. 

Not this little black duck.  When I sit down at the keyboard, I don’t have a clue where we’re going next.  Of course, sometimes that means I (and the characters) get painted into a proverbial corner.  But that’s part of the experience for me – wondering how to get myself (and the characters) out of whatever corner I’ve written them into.  Regardless of whether it’s the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to write – it’s the way I’ve always written and I very much doubt at my age that my process is likely to change.  Talking to my friends from my local writer’s group, I know that every writer has their own process for writing and its very much a personal thing.

Okay.  Enough rambling from me for today.  I’d promise to visit again soon… but you all know how that goes.  For now, I’m heading back to work on publishing ‘Hurts’.  And reading ‘Revealed’.

And I have to admit, it’s kinda cool to know you’re reading a book you created completely yourself.  It’s not something everyone on the planet can say…

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Book Three of The Nememiah Chronicles has a title!

The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Hurts

Charlotte Duncan’s quest to rescue her friends has been successful – but at what cost?  In love with two very different men, the vampire Lucas Tine and werewolf Conal Tremaine, Charlotte struggles to reconcile her emotions, terrified of losing one or both of them.
There is little time to deal with the repercussions of her choices, however, when the Drâghici Consiliului’s plans have been exposed.  Intent on controlling all supernatural creatures, the Consiliului will stop at nothing to achieve their goal – even resorting to mass murder.
And at the centre of their plans – the second Nememiah’s Child.
Having been created by the Consiliului, Archangelo is a dangerous combination of angel and vampire… and obsessed with Charlotte.
The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Hurts is the third book of The Nememiah Chronicles Series by D.S. Williams
AND GUESS WHAT?  It will be available in a couple of weeks!
The cover will be revealed soon!