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A 2nd Chance at Love by S.D. Wells

TITLE: A 2nd Chance at Love
AUTHOR: S.D. Wells
GENRE: Sweet Romance
EDITOR: Dalene Dunkerly


Katelyn Myers is widowed when her husband is killed in the line of duty. She is left with 2 small children to raise and a secret that she must keep to protect her family. She is lost without her husband and completely heartbroken. Years later a friend leads her to a site designed to help widowed parents.
Kevin Summersby is a widower when a drunk driver kills his wife. He is left with two small children to raise but is so heartbroken he turns to alcohol for comfort. Years later his sister leads him to a site designed to help widowed parents.
They connect on the anniversary of her husband’s death on the site and become close friends. When they finally meet sparks fly and it is love at first sight. Her past comes back to haunt her and she must choose between love and running for her life. Can she trust him with her secret? Will they find happiness again? Will they have a 2nd Chance at Love?


I want to hear more about your column….I might just read it. What is it called? Kevin asked

If I tell you that won’t I have to tell you my name? Katelyn replied!

I guess so.

Isn’t this suppose to be anonymous?

How about I tell you my name first and then you can tell me yours.


Kevin Summersby, at your service. (saying with a bow)

LOL….Katelyn Myers, mother, journalist and hopeful author.

Author? (Confused look)

I like to make up bedtime stories for my kids. Scott convinced me to write them down and someday I hope to get them published.

That sounds cool! Now tell me about your column. You say it’s an advice column?

Yep but it’s not like your normal everyday advice columns.

Why not?

I give advice on cooking, cleaning and child care.

Oh dear God you’re the Cleaning Lady!

Oh you know my column!

My mom and sister read it and have told me I needed to write you.


Well my cleaning skills are lacking, my cooking is horrible and I am not good at the sick kid thing

You’re not supposed to, you’re a man

That’s a little sexist Ms. Myers

Is it not true?

Oh it’s true but still it’s sexist.

LOL you are a riot Detective SummersbyWell I do try Sweet Cheeks.

Sweet Cheeks?

Oh I don’t know it just came to me….do you mind?

No I don’t mind as long as I can give you a nick name too.

And what do you have in mind?

Oh I was thinking Officer Stud Muffin would fit you.

Oh Lord whatever you do never repeat that to my brothers or fellow offers

Will you be teased?

Big time!
Excerpt #2
“Kevin, have you ever been shot or injured on the job.”

“Once. I got shot in my upper right shoulder.”

“How did Jen feel about that?”

“We were only dating then but she was on duty when I was brought in. She completely freaked out and we almost broke up.”

“Do you have a scar.”

“I do. It’s pretty ugly!”

“Can I see it?”

“Why?” She shrugged and he removed his shirt. She ran her hand over the raised skin of the ugly scar.

“How did it happen?”

“Are you sure you want to hear this?” She nodded and kissed the scar. “Well we were doing a routine traffic stop when the guy pulled out a 45 and began firing at us. I was hit almost immediately but I managed to get behind the car. My partner called it in as he continued to fire at us. Then Frank took him out with a great shot.”

“Did the guy die?”

“No Frank is a great marksmen and he got him the same place he got me.”

“Fair is fair.”

“I guess. I was rushed to the ER but I had lost so much blood that I don’t remember much about the ambulance ride. I don’t remember being in the ER! I woke the next day with Jen and mom standing over me.”

“You and Frank have been together a long time then.”“Yes. Over fifteen years. I was only a rookie when I met Jen! The year she died, Frank and I celebrated ten years.” She giggled. “What?”

“You sound like a married couple.”

“It seems that way sometimes.” They both laughed and he was having a hard time concentrating as her hands moved along his chest. He kissed her lightly at first before he deepened it. He pulled her closer as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He had begun unbuttoning her shirt as he laid her on the sofa.


S. D. Wells is a housewife, a mother, and an author. She grew up in Texas and married her best friend in 2001. She loves to read and has always dreamed of being a writer. Now with her first book due to be released on January 29th 2016, she is making that dream come true.


You can find S.D. Wells at the following places



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