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The Entertaining World of D.S. Williams at Home

It’s another situation in which I sit and shake my head at the way my world works.
Last night, son #2 busted the second of two very cheap can openers. Personally, I don’t get disturbed about very cheap can openers – I spend five bucks on a can opener and it works for twelve to eighteen months, and I’m happy. In this case, I’d bought two can openers about eighteen months ago, and even managed to get them on a ‘two for five bucks’ sale, so the fact that they’d gone to the great can opener heaven, didn’t phase me whatsoever. (Well, other than the fact that we needed to open a can, but the husband stepped in with his handy dandy, out in the middle of nowhere, need to open Air Force rations can opener.)
However, the Darling Husband grumbled and said I should spend some money on a ‘good’ can opener which will last… well, forever, I guess.
Consequently, son #2 and I have been out on an emergency trip to the shops this afternoon, to buy a ‘good’ can opener… twenty three bucks, thank you very much. (Looks like any other can-opener to me – but I digress.)
We had to make an emergency trip, this afternoon, because tonight is Hawaiian Meatballs with Brown Rice for dinner (see my ‘organized with great dinners’ post from last week) and we need to open two cans of crushed pineapple.
Consequently, Son #2 and I tootle off down to the shopping centre, contemplate the array of can openers available, bypass my favorite five buck versions, contemplate the middle of the range thirteen to seventeen buck versions, and come home clutching a top of the range, ‘this can opener shouldn’t even need my assistance to open a can’, can opener. That’ll be twenty three bucks, thanks.
Tootle home with said can opener, get the approval of the darling husband, and he and the beloved daughter start to create Hawaiian Meatballs with Brown Rice for dinner.
The catch to this long, rambly tale…
The cans of pineapple have ring-pulls – and consequently do not require the #*$&#* can opener…

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