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Spotlight On An Awesome EWG Author: Part One

Been meaning to do this for a while, as I wanted to let everyone know what a talented group of people I have in my life.

A couple of years back, I moved to Ellenbrook and started looking for a writing group.  Prior to the move to Western Australia, I’d lived in another area where there was no writing group, but I was hopeful to find one here.  No such luck.

With a local writing group unavailable – I decided on the next best solution – and started one myself with the assistance of Ellenbrook Arts.  Ellenbrook Writers Group was born, and whilst we’ve remained relatively tiny, these people more than make up for it in sheer, brilliant talent.  This week, I’m focusing on Anna Hub:

Anna Hub:

About Anna:
When I was a child I wanted to be an author, it seemed like a perfectly attainable dream to me then, but of course I grew up and realised that writing was not the best way to make a future for myself. So I discarded the idea and decided to do something normal.
When I studied nursing I thought I’d found a place for myself, but within six months of working in that field I knew I needed more. So in July 2007 I bought myself a lap top and started writing in my spare time. It took me two years to complete my first book and by the time it was finished I felt as though I’d learnt enough to pursue the dream.
My love for writing has grown rapidly since then and now I know that it’s something I can’t live without. It’s a place where there is no limit, no exact destination and my mind is free to exist in many worlds.

It’s a beautiful sanctuary.

The Shadow Hunter Series 

by Anna Hub

(Click on the covers to go to Amazon and buy the book – they’re all less than a dollar!)

Book One: Beyond the Shadows

Book Two: Shadow Hunters
Book Three: In Night’s Shadow
Book Four: The Shadow Thief

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