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Cover Reveal – The Perfect Spirit by Traci Hayden

Twenty-eight year old writer, Vanessa Fortney, has travelled the world, living life to the fullest. When she comes home due to the unexpected death of her only blood relatives, she only has one regret; never finding a love that triumphs all others.
In a beautiful valley in the Rocky Mountains, Nessa finds herself wondering about a mysterious stranger who saved her after a nearly disastrous car accident. The mystery that surrounds Daniel is quickly replaced by the increasing attraction Nessa feels for him.
Will she find that love that transcends all love or will an unforeseen tragedy keep them apart?
Excerpt (Unedited)
Nessa’sbody melted ashis deep andlusty French accentwashed over her, penetrating her deepestfantasies. “My name is…”
Vanessa. I know.” He answered. He steppedforward, pulling aglovedhandoutfromwithinhiscoat. “Myname’sDaniel.”
Nessaassumed since thetown on theedge of thevalley had asmall gathering, her presencehad been knownwithin a fewhours of herarrival. She looked downat his extendedhand and contemplatedtaking it. When theytouched, it was befinal. Her whispering dreamsof him wouldbecome real. All herfleeting thoughts ofhim would bephysical.
Herdrive to becaptivated by himdrove her tinyhand into his. Achill travelled herarm as sherealized how coldhis hand waseven through theleather glove. Herhospitality and caringnature won outover everything elseshe was feeling. “Come to the house. Sit by the fireand warm up. I’msure Richard andSylvia would liketo thank youalso.” Secretly, she wantedto keep himclose to her.
I’msorry, butImustdecline.” His voiceheldalayerofregret. “I’mnotcomfortablearoundpeople. I’vebeenaloneforalongtime.”
Nessabowed her head, hiding her disappointment. “Maybe we could justsit and talkfor a bitthen.”
Daniel’shand came torest on hercheek. His thumb underher chin, pulled herface up tillhis beautiful eyesmet hers again. “As much as Iwould love to…” He looked towards thehorizon, the sun barelyvisible as itset, “I must leave.”
Thepang of disappointmentstabbed Nessa’s heart. She nodded, holding herselftogether. The profoundsadness tore throughher. “I understand.”
Danielleaned in, breathing inher scent. “I missedthis.” Nessa’s body reactedinvoluntarily. She reached upon her toesand brushed hercheek against hisclean shaven face. The fragrance ofjasmine and lavenderimprinted in hermind.
Missed what?” Nessa asked, already knowing the answer, but relishing in the sound of his deep voice.
Your smell.” He whispered, leaning his face into hers. “I haven’t smelled the incense of lilacs in far too long.”
Theheat of herblush flamed brightagainst her skin. She needed to seehim again. “Daniel…” Hisname tasted sweeton her lips, “…when can I seeyou again?”
Verysoon, mabelle.” Hebreathedintoherear. “Fornow, remember meinyourdreams.”
TraciHaydenisaproudmotheroffourbeautifulgirlsandoneadorablegranddaughter. Shehasalwayshadapassionforreading, butrecentlytheobsessionforwritinghastakenover.
As a Nova Scotian native now living in British Columbia, Traci has travelled across Canada, fuelling her imagination from coast to coast.
Alongwithtwodogsandonecat, Traci’shomeissharedwithherpartnerof16 years. Heisherrockandconstantsupport.
Tracilovesallgenresofwriting, butcurrentlyisexploringtheworldofromance.
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  1. Thank you so much, Debbie, for helping an unknown author become a success. Allso, thank you for everything you've done for me, for being there when I doubted myself. I'm blessed to have you in my life.



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