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Facebook and Twitter and Blogger….oh my!

Okay.  One of the things I have to get my head around, on this journey to being a self-published author is publicity.  The question I asked myself?  How do I publicize myself in the best possible way, reaching as many people as possible?

Obviously I’ve made the first step with a Facebook page.  (Which is coming along quite nicely, I might add – thanks!)

What is the second step?  It was one question I didn’t rightly know the answer to, so of course, I reached for my trusty ‘I have a question and I don’t know the answer’ fall-back position.


You know, it occurs to me that there isn’t a question Google can’t answer.  Oh, of course, the obvious fault is that the answer you get might not be a true answer.  You can’t always believe what you read on the internet.

But for myself, starting out on this journey, it’s proving to be a lifesaver.  The two most highly suggested ways of publicizing appear to be Facebook and a blog.  I already had the Facebook covered… now I needed a blog.  For some of my friends and family on Facebook, they may well be delighted that I’ve discovered blogging; more than once I’ve had complaints regarding the size of my status updates being more like a small book than an update.  For that I apologize, but I find it nearly impossible to write a small update.  And I don’t want to bore people with the ‘I had sausages for dinner last night’ updates.  That just isn’t my style.  If I’m going to give people an insight into my life and times, it’s going to be on my terms.  I, for one hooted with delight when Facebook removed the maximum sizing on Facebook status updates, which had been the bane of my life when posting.

So here I am with Part ‘B’ of the publishing journey – a blog.  A lot of the time, it will likely be a rambling prose as most of my updates on Facebook have been.  But I hope it will help to get my books out there into public view as well.  

As for Twitter?  Nah, not so much.  Probably because you have that word limit thing again, which puts a serious dent in my updates.  Can I tell you everything I want to in short and sweet little 100+ odd characters?  Not likely.  But who knows, I never say never, and if I get my book published and sell all of two copies, maybe I’ll be forced to add the Twitter path to my arsenal…. 🙂

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