Puckhaber Falls

Main Street

Puckhaber Falls is a fictional town in Montana situated about forty miles south of Billings.  Main Street is the hub of activity in the town, it’s where Maude Yeardley’s Realtor Office is located, along with Hank Lucas’s Arts Store and the Quikmart where Lonnie Stewart works part-time.  It’s also the location of Puckhaber Falls one and only set of traffic lights.

Puckhaber Falls Hospital is located on the eastern side of town, where Doctor Jerome Harding works.

Several key scenes take place in Puckhaber Falls, including the Spring Festival where Lucas takes Charlotte to on their first ‘official’ date.  The Festival is held in Puckhaber Park annually.

Charlotte’s Rental

When Charlotte moves to Montana, she settles in an isolated cottage on the outskirts of Puckhaber Falls.

The cottage is extremely basic – a bedroom, a small living room and a tiny kitchen.  Perfect for Charlotte’s needs, as she has no wish to be there any longer than it takes to realize her plan of committing suicide.

Charlotte finds the sounds of the surrounding woods soothing and the first night she arrives, she sits out on the porch to eat her dinner.

Lucas Tine’s Home

Lucas’s large and luxurious home lies just a few miles from Charlotte’s cottage.  It faces onto the riverfront and has a verandah running along the front of the building, providing magnificent views of the river and the woodland surrounding the home.

The house is plenty big enough for the Kiss to live comfortably together – to the left of the house is a large garage, capable of housing eight cars and further into the woods is an old stable, which Lucas had converted to a study area for Ripley and it’s where Ripley goes to gain some peace and write his books.

There’s a large area of grassland to the side of the house, as seen here, which is where Marianne and Striker hold their wedding celebrations.

Jackson, Mississippi

Epi’s Church

Closed many years ago, the Church, which stands in the fictional Merryweather Street, Jackson, is now the home to Warlock Epimetheus Vander.

Whilst the exterior of the church gives the impression of it having been abandoned, inside the church, Epimetheus ‘adjusts’ the interior to suit his current requirements, much to Charlotte’s surprise when she first meets the old wizard.

Sfântu Drâgici

The Drâgici Castle

Home of the Consiliului Suprem de Drâghici Vampiri – the castle is situated on the outskirts of one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, which was first settled in 1332.

The city lies on the Olt River in a valley between the Baraolt & Bodoc Mountains.

The castle is a well-known tourist attraction and horse-drawn carriages bring visitors up the mountain from the nearby town to view medieval re-enactments and purchase souvenirs.


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